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I make soulless GaaS games by day, and cute lil' indie games by night.


A software engineer in Japan

Blog (Sorry, Japanese only):


Hi I like audio synthesis and making games, Trying to learn and get better one cart at a time.


Total amateur at this.


I make games and pixel art and love PICO-8!


Author of Downstream Dream, Star Trek: Killer Q'egh, and TMNT: Shredder's PREvenge OST. Sound designer/programmer for Demi Daggers. Currently making poppy little dance tunes.


๐ŸŽจ pixel art · ๐Ÿ”‰ chiptune · ๐Ÿ‘พ game dev · ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฑ · he/him


Creative coder, Technical Speaker, Demoscener, JavaScript freak and size optimizer extraordinaire acting on the web platform, PICO8 and in Assembler on PC and Atari ST


I make games and zines on pico-8 That's all.


Developer, Gamer, I draw as a hobby, do some pixel art too. Co-Host of SpreadShotNews Podcast (in spanish), ๆ—ฅๆœฌ่ชžใฎๅญฆ็”Ÿใ‚‚ใงใ™ใ€‚


I'm a pixel artist, musician, and voice actor.


I like programming in SmileBASIC, Lua, Rust, and more!


Music and sound!


You can find me @ ellugar.co


A guy passionate about computers and making games.


Hey everyone. I'm iivii, founder of iivii.games. Currently, I'm working on a course which I hope to publish to the Skillshare platform which will serve as am introduction and eventually an in depth examination and structured learning resource on the Pico-8 platform. I have an extensive, privately cultivated wiki dedicated to all things Pico 8 which will likely be released publicly at some point.


hi! here is some text for you to read.
some selected carts that I've uploaded here:

the tower

for more, see my itch page or my website


Author of Oust, a cave-flying mash-up of my favourite games of the genre; PICO Space, a 2D space sim featuring small animals in space; Halloween Horrors; P8C-BUN; The Pico Mermaid and Demystifying the Christmas Tree.
WIP Dungeon Apprentice (a pico version of FTL's Dungeon Master which is proving a bit tricky...).
I toot, tweet and itch. Maybe one day I'll even steam.


| #8bit & #arcade maniac | doing some #music, #modding, #pixelart & #gamedev.

Find me on twiter:


Or itch.io:



Hi there,
I make stuff!

Check out my twitter (@johanpeitz) to see the latest!

Don't be afraid to say hi,
<3 Johan


hi friends! i'm petra, and i make games in my free time. i also mod celeste!


Heyo there! I am Agent Tom! I love helping others and giving suggestions on pico 8! I don't know any code but I hope I can still help! Maybe someday I could be your creative director!


new to pico-8 in 2020.





I'm an amateur coder and artist.
I upload most of my scribbles to twitter (plus some lukewarm takes haha)


Hey, look at that, I've finally added a description of myself!

Was it worth it? No.


it me~



Game Designer. Co-founded id, ION Storm, Monkeystone. Did Keen, Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM, Rise of the Triad, Anachronox, DASH games. VR/AR/Photography/puns/Switch!


Software engineer from Spain




Hi! My name's Colin. I've been programming for about 7 years on and off. In the past couple years I've gotten back into it in a big way and am currently in college for a CS degree.


sometimes maeks games


Pixel art | Racing and Sports Designer. Video and board games lover.


Game hobbyist and creator in spare times
i am from generation X, born in 1972 and i saw video games begins. That's why my Pico-8 games looks like 70s and 80s arcade games esthetic. Old school games still looks good.

Mainly inspired by Midway's Eugene Jarvis's flash color text style. Almost Namco/Nintendo arcade display style. Almost Atari 2600 and Apple II+ display style. Some example of what kind of game I like to do. I don't copy modern game's style. I stay in my time!


D.I.Y.ke est un collectif queer et féministe de création et de partage d'outils dans le domaine des jeux vidéos mais pas que ;)

Suivez-nous sur Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/D.I.Y.KEcrew


Old enough to have known the golden age of Amstrad and Amiga ;)
Still own a few Tilt and Joystick magazine (yeah, I am french).
Professional software architect, hobbyist gamedev.

Game & experiments repo: https://github.com/freds72

Twitter account: https://twitter.com/FSouchu


Aspiring game developer. I really like character action games. Pico-8 is my dream console - a system (and community!) that encourages fun games that you can customize and tweak.



I am a biology student at the University of Oxford, and, I guess, I can now also say I make games!


I like pixeled graphics and chiptune sound game.
I just released a pico-8 game on Steam!

And More Tools!
[3D modeling tool] [ NEW ]
[Animation tool]
[Music scales and Play the Piano]


Hi, we're Gradual Games. We make PICO-8 games. In the past, we made three full size NES games and released them on cartridge!


I am a professional software engineer who secretly has no idea what he's doing.


Team Hackefuffel
we make Pico-8 games!


Indie game developer. Stubbornly solo, doomed to eventual success. Making Spooky Pooky.

Follow @joeyspacerocks on Twitter for pixelly GIFs and suchlike.


Beginner game dev, I like to discover different engine and some fantasy console!


I'm a game developer and tweetjammer

@2darray on twitter


Long time hobby game developer, Hot Wheels racer and wrestling smark


Like retro stuff. C64 coder/game maker. Aka @Piko8Fan


Hello pico8 fellow! This is Jose Guerra! Making pico8 games, experiments and tweetcarts since 2016. Play some of my games! Let me know what you think!

Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/guerragames


I don't post everything I did on Pico-8 here.

You can also check out my gallery too.


@paulxthompson on twitter
hollowearth.co.uk on the web
I made a robot out of lego to help draw comics

He/Him. Comics, Cooking, Photographs, Boardgames, Prints, Painting and Drawing, IT/Web.
Recently trying out being a Game Developer and DJ.

North Shields, UK.


Hobby developer from Norway. I enjoy grid-based puzzle games.


There's nobody else like me. I checked.


I like drawing on paper/ T-shirt, molding by clay


I'm currently making flash games, and putting them on the website Newgrounds under the name JauqAr.

I recommend Voxatron to anyone who wants to make games. It's easy to use, and powerful.


sometimes, when i'm in the right mood, i make video games and art. or something.


Josh Millard, cortex at Metafilter, creative internet person, the NES was my life as a kid and as an adult I can never quite get out of the aesthetic orbit of those formative years. Am really excited about playing with PICO-8; the specific sensibility of constraint in it is just about perfect for how my brain copes with developmental scope.


Visual Effects Technical Artist for film and TV, getting back into indie game making.


Having fun in Pico 8. Making prototypes in Unity. Working as engine programmer at Dontnod.
@[email protected]
Itch.io page


I'm Arnaud ,
a French game designer living in London.



Hi, I make games.


Hi! I make colorful stuff and video games for a living!
I love Pico-8!!

Find more of my stuff on these cool other platforms:
!! Twitter !!
!! Itch.io !!
!! WordPress !! (DevLog)
!! Twitch !!
!! Patreon !!


indie game dev makin' nonsense



I'm a prematurely-retired professional video game programmer. I have some health problems that ruin my concentration and keep me from doing the kind of programming people will pay you for. PICO-8 is really nice for me, because the limited scope of the platform tends to keep the scope of problems and solutions limited enough for my limited concentration to cope with. I don't think I'll ever manage to produce a game for PICO-8, but it sure is fun just to play with.

(If I've just handed you some ideas or advice, probably for the fifth time this week, and you're getting sick of my doing that, then I have a couple of things I should say: first of all, you should let me know, because I know unwelcome advice is annoying and I don't want to be annoying; but also, second, try not to be too irritated with me, because giving advice is the only way I still feel like I can be a productive member of the video game developer community. I mean well, I swear.)

Oh, and about the avatar... once upon a time, I chose a nice little image of Miku in glasses for my avatar, purely because it struck me as adorable. However, I kept it because I discovered it helped to identify and keep away those useless people who would judge a book by its cover. This is that avatar, but hand-pixeled into low-res, pico-8 palette format.


.NET Dev by day | IndieDev by night (#Pico8) | Made: UnDUNE IILow Mem SkySCUMM-8 | Avatar by KenneyNL | He/Him


Indie Game Designer, Software engineer, Computer Polyglot, Mathematician and Time Traveler


Greetings Pico-8!
I am Simon, but more well known as Scrub, or ScrubSandwich.
As of now I make little programs and music demos sometimes. I want to to make a lot more so
don't touch that dial and stay tuned!


you found my profile! as a reward for visiting, you may look at the paragraph below...

through a patented process, I have determined with 99% accuracy that these two carts which I have pinned are the two best dog-themed games on the BBS: