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I'm Arnaud ,
a French game designer living in London.


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Hello Everyone,
I'm thinking about the Theme of the next Zine.
I have put a Poll on Twitter , feel free to vote :)
[url=Twitter Poll]description[https://twitter.com/arnaud_debock/status/725952817869950976]

Let me know if you got any feedbacks.

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Hello Everyone,

I'm already thinking about the PICO-8 ZINE number 4 , who will probably be released in February of 2016.

I was thinking as a Thematic Roguelike or Speedrun...Which one do you prefer?
Could also be a mix of both.

The base of a rogue like are :

-randomization (for replayability),
-permanent death (once a player-character dies, the game cannot be restored at an earlier point),
-turn-based movement

My favorite one's are zaga-33, Hoplite or 868-HACK.

But other game like Spelunky, Downwell,Rogue Legacy are also amazing games.

Would you be interested to write/read articles about this subject?

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Hello Everyone,

The PICO-8 fanzine will be ready to order( for the paper version ) and download for free the 4th of October 2016.

It will contain :

  • illustration by @lucyamorris
  • Game of life( cellular automata) by @dan_sanderson
  • a 3d demo by @NoahRosamilia
  • shrinking your code by @jonstoler
  • how to create a painting tool by @oinariman
  • wave distortion effect by @mattfox12
  • how to do your first state machine by @richterteer
  • a screensaver by @neauoire
  • Color palettes by @gabdar

and the cover has been done by @johanvinet

I'm polishing the layout, and working on the last details.

I really hope you will like it!

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I'll try to do a Hnefatafl game with Pico-8.
This is not going to be easy ( because I'm not really good with code), but it's a nice challenge.

The game is one of pure strategy, played on a square board. A king and a small force of defenders occupy the centre of the board. A larger force of attackers, twice as numerous as the defenders, occupy positions around the edge of the board.

What I find interesting it's the asymmetry of this game, and the challenge to do the A.I. for it.

Any help, tips, are welcome , especially for the implementation of the A.I.

You can find more info about the game here

Why to play this game ?

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Hello Everyone,

For the number #3 I would like to propose to you a theme:
LOCAL MULTIPLAYER GAME (co-op or collaborative, with or without A.I.)

This game should ideally be with a detail commented code,( but we will not have to explain what's already has been explained in the fanzine number 1 and 2.)

The game can be technically more advanced, and maybe talk a little bit more about game design choice and code structure/pattern.

But the most important it's to try to make this little game super fun and easy to code ( the code should not be longer than 2500 token! )

some example of game : Gang Beast, Bomberman, lode runner, Work for fun, tenya wanya teens, Nidhogg, MarioKart, Sportsfriends, Starwhal, Towerfall, Pico park, TENNNES , speed chess etc...

Pico-8 will soon support until 8 local player, so don't be shy. ( and soon http://superhappyfuntimes.net/about/)

If you want to be part of the adventure send me your idea/concept asap( to avoid redondant game, and make it as educative as possible) and I'll give you all the technical detail and try to help you to create the best article as possible.

Drop me an email at : [email protected]

I was thinking to take submissions until the 1 of October.( and release the fanzine at the beginning of November).

Thanks a lot!

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Cart #13227 | 2015-08-28 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

ludumdare page

PASSENGERS is a game where you play a smuggler of migrants in Europe.

Migrants are all over the news. They’re treated as a group of people, not as individuals. We wanted to go beyond that, to show some of their individuality and how powerless it is in front of the acting monster, you.

Thanks for playing.


Articles :
wired it

Game done by @nerial + @arnaud_debock
v1.3 Minor Bug fixes
v1.2 Bug fixes
v1.1 Minor bugs fixes and economy adjustment

older version

Cart #13125 | 2015-08-25 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Cart #13080 | 2015-08-24 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Cart #13056 | 2015-08-24 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

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Cart #12005 | 2015-07-29 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

I have started working on a version of " Combat" during the Outofthebit game jam.

The game is far from finished, but I really think a 4 or 6 player version could be amazing.

to do :

  • rotation of the sprites of the tank
  • bullet creation
  • bullet collision
  • score
  • explosion
  • spawn the tanks randomly
  • victory screen
  • rematch


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Hello fellow pico-8-ers!

I would like to create a fanzine for the pico 8 console. Ideally it be an invitation for people to learn how to code and to be able to do their first game quickly. It also could be interesting for more advance coders to see good practice or to learn how to quickly prototype with pico 8.

It will be free and will contain program listings with screenshots of sprites.

The first edition could include a tutorial about very simple games, sprite animation, music, tutorials of lua, specification of pico 8, how to think as a developer, etc...

About the distribution I have been thinking to create a pdf sharable on the pico forum and on itchio, but we could also create a print version to share it on workshops ( 2$ or 4$, price of the paper and printing). The fanzine would be printed on a photocopier (b/w), hand-folded and stapled, between 12 and 32 pages.

Would you like to be part of it?

If yes please send me the listing of your code, please comment it to make it easy to understand for the reader (beginner).

You could also write about the structure of your code and explain in depth your choice. Some screenshots of the sprite sheet would be welcome too. We could also have articles focused on game design, about the workflow, about iteration, etc.

I would like to translate the fanzine in as many languages as possible, I could do French and Spanish. All ideas are welcome.

Would be nice to have some illustrations for the cover and for some of the articles.

Please send me an email if you want to be part of the adventure : sectordub at gmail dot com



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