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Welcome to Picotron

Picotron is a Fantasy Workstation for making pixelart games, animations, music, demos and other curiosities. It has a toy operating system designed to be a cosy creative space, but runs on top of Windows, MacOS or Linux. Picotron apps can be made with built-in tools, and shared with other users in a special 256k png cartridge format.


Display: 480x270 / 240x135 64 definable colours
Graphics: Blend tables, tline3d, stencil clipping
Audio: 64-node synth and 8-channel tracker
Code: Lua 5.4 w/ PICO-8 compat features
CPU: 8M Lua VM insts / second
Cart: .p64.png (256k) / .p64 (unlimited)
For more technical details and design documents, see the
Picotron FAQ

Customize your Machine

Make your own live wallpapers, screensavers, widgets, custom tools, and set up workflows just the way you like! Or have a look around the BBS to see what other cartridge authors are up to.
// Example Wallpaper by castpixel

Status: Alpha

Picotron is brand new! It is still mostly held together by duct tape, but the runtime and API are fairly complete, and the current binaries allow basic editing code, graphics, maps and sound, and exporting to .p64.png to share on the BBS. Web exporters are coming soon!

Picotron Roadmap

Get Picotron

Until the end of March, Picotron is available for just $11.99. After that it will cost $19.99, or $11.99 when purchased with other fantasy consoles. All future updates are included, and the binaries are DRM-free, for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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