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Terms of Use

Using the BBS

By uploading cartridges to the BBS, you are granting Lexaloffle the right to freely use and distribute them for as long as they remain in the cartverse. For example, PICO-8 cartridges will become visible to PICO-8 users and downloadable via SPLORE. All other rights remain with the author by default.

Do not post material that violates copyright, obscenity or any other laws. Lexaloffle reserves the right to remove or filter any material without notice.

As a reminder: All cartridges and other work posted to the Lexaloffle BBS are property of their authors. Please do not distribute or remix a cartridge without permission, either directly from the author, or by checking to see if the cartridge is released under a license or terms that allows you to do so. You can use the CC search filter to find cartridges released under CC4-BY-NC-SA.

Treat other people on the BBS respectfully. This means: keep criticism constructive and friendly, and endeavor to be kind whenever possible, even when dealing with inflamitory remarks.

Feature Requests

Any design ideas or suggestions directed at Lexaloffle are by default taken to be offered as free to use. This is to avoid a situation where I can't design anything similar to anything anyone has mentioned for fear of treading on their toes, and so that I can fulfill feature requests without gaining formal permission.

About the Voxatron Alpha

Voxatron is in an alpha stage of development. It is labeled as such to indicate that it is still evolving and is subject to change. The current release is stable, and you can expect any bug reports to be processed with due diligence. By buying Voxatron, you are paying for it as it is now but are entitled to any future updates free of charge.


Lexaloffle Games will not share any private information with a third party without explicit permission. We store only the minimum amount of user data required to provide the service to users. All passwords are stored in an encrypted form.

- - -

Lexaloffle Games reserves the right to update these terms at any point in time with immediate effect, and without notice.

If you have any feedback or questions regarding these terms, please feel free to mail [email protected]

:: Joseph White // zep

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