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Picotron Roadmap

Picotron Playground

	// Open-access web build for testing // try it [here]

	Architecture      // File system, system events, memory mapping, wm
	GFX Pipeline      // Colour tables, draw state
	API               // Based on Lua 5.4, compatible w/ PICO-8 where possible
	CPU               // Find costs that roughly match slowest hosts

Picotron 0.1 (2023)
	Binary Builds      // Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspi 64-bit
	Editors            // Code, Pixels, Tiles, Tracker
	Audio              // Node-based synth
	Desktop            // Minimal desktop for running window-based programs
	File Formats       // Plain-text .p64, Compressed .p64.png
	HTTP GET/POST      // From local apps and exports only; not BBS carts
	BBS Integration    // Submit carts to a sub-forum, browse carts from splore app
	HTML Exporter      // .wasm runtime + bundled cartridge, licensed similar to P8

Picotron 0.2 (2024)

	Binary Exporters   // Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspi 64-bit	
	Websockets         // All platforms
	UDP / TCP sockets  // Not supported under web

Picotron 0.3 (2025)

	API & Runtime Freeze

Picotron 1.0 (?)
	Extra Bundled Software
	Runtime C src + licensing


	- From 0.1, Picotron will cost $20 (or $12 for Voxatron or PICO-8 owners)
	- Carts will be mostly backwards compatible starting from 0.1, but not guaranteed until 0.3
	- Runtime licensing is TBD but will be similar to zlib in terms of permissiveness

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