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Picotron Roadmap

// updated: 2024-01-01
    added  0.1~0.3 features + release dates, 
    moved networking to 0.3, moved audio to playground

Picotron 0.0: "Playground"

    // Open-access web build for testing :: try it [here]

    Architecture       // File system, system events, memory mapping, wm
    GFX Pipeline       // Colour tables, draw state
    API                // Based on Lua 5.4, compatible w/ PICO-8 where possible
    CPU                // Find costs that roughly match slowest hosts
    Audio              // Synthesizer runtime & test carts

Picotron 0.1 (2023 2024-03-14)

    Binary Builds      // Windows, Mac, Linux
    Editors            // Code, Pixels, Maps, Synth Designer, Tracker
    Desktop            // Run window-based programs, file management gui
    Customisation      // Theme editor, wallpapers, screensavers
    File Formats       // Plain-text .p64, Binary .p64.rom, Shareable .p64.png
    HTTP GET           // From local apps and exports only; not BBS carts
    BBS Integration    // Submit carts to a sub-forum, browse carts from splore app
    Sandboxing         // Safe to run untrusted carts without exposing Picotron drive
    HTML Exporter      // .wasm runtime + bundled cartridge, licensed similar to P8
Picotron 0.2 (2024 Q4)

    Raspi 64-bit
    Binary Exporters   // Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspi 64-bit
    Tooltray           // Run apps as widgets accessible from any workspace
    BBS cart switching // BBS carts can load & run other BBS carts

Picotron 0.3 (2025)
    Websockets         // For exports on all platforms
    UDP / TCP sockets  // Ditto, but not supported under web
    BBS highscores
    API + Runtime Freeze (ha!)

Picotron 1.0 (?)
    Extra Bundled Software
    Runtime C src + licensing


    Carts will be mostly backwards compatible starting from 0.1, but not guaranteed until 0.3
    Runtime licensing is TBD, but the goal is to allow cart authors to do additional platform support.