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Hi people,

I have PICO-8 around about several years now, but never published any game on it.

This year I have a concept of minimalistic choice-based adventure. and I wonder if Pico-8 requisites are capable of moving what I have in mind.

What I wonder is how many full-screen, full-color illustrations are capable Pico-8 of storing, before consuming the whole memory, or starting using any multi-cartridge solution.

Also, each illustration will have a minimal 2 frame animation on them. That could be done with sprites, but yeah, the concept is how many locations like this can I store.


P#132000 2023-07-15 11:11

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Hi guys:

I have a project that fits perfectly in PICO-8 because is an easy platformer for children. But I have a doubt that gives me two questions, because visual design is important in this game. It has HUGE sprites, but pixelated ones, for example, the protagonist is about 15x20 pixels, but I've envisioned him looking at x 1000% of zoom in a full HD monitor.

So for PICO8 I think he will show ok at x2 or x3. So how could I do this:

1) big sprite. build the srpite as 30x40 pixels heigth sprite. PICO could move sprites so big?

2) If not, make an engine with a camera that shows the game at x2 or x3 zoom. Is this possible?


Ah! one last question, is it possible to add a postprocessing filter to a game? for example, to have scanlines. That is semitransparent graphic that filters the screen.


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