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Hi guys:

I have a project that fits perfectly in PICO-8 because is an easy platformer for children. But I have a doubt that gives me two questions, because visual design is important in this game. It has HUGE sprites, but pixelated ones, for example, the protagonist is about 15x20 pixels, but I've envisioned him looking at x 1000% of zoom in a full HD monitor.

So for PICO8 I think he will show ok at x2 or x3. So how could I do this:

1) big sprite. build the srpite as 30x40 pixels heigth sprite. PICO could move sprites so big?

2) If not, make an engine with a camera that shows the game at x2 or x3 zoom. Is this possible?


Ah! one last question, is it possible to add a postprocessing filter to a game? for example, to have scanlines. That is semitransparent graphic that filters the screen.


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Number one is possible. Pico has a 128x128 area for sprite graphics so your 30x40 dude would fit in there.

It can also scale sprites up when it displays them, so you could have the base graphics be 15x20 on the spritesheet and just scale up when you blit them onto the screen. Scaling up and down to look like zooming in and out is certainly possible and definitely cool.

There's no post processing effects built into PICO-8 or anything special like that.

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Thanks, I will try.

Postprocessing could be done putting a semitransparent graphics over all the layout screen. But of course semitransparent pixels are required.

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I read this in the future and I still have no idea how to zoom in..
I wanted to make a game but 128x128 was to big, I wanted to zoom in and make everything scaled up by 2 so it would be a 64,64. is there a keyword for that or is it something else?

P#72316 2020-01-28 01:56

Yep. There is a poke actually, folks.


Will give you 64x64 pixels on your screen. This vanishes the moment your program ends, however. If you're just testing it without _update() or draw(), add this to the end of your code to keep it in a loop to maintain the 64x64 pixel mode until you hit the ESC key.

until forever
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you can do some filters, see this thread for ex:

note: I would not do 64x64 to display on a tv - 128x128 already makes for huge blocks on anything above 32’’.

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Didn't know you could override system functions. Good to learn. Thanks, @freds72 !

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