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Cart [#17003#] | Copy | Code | 2015-11-24 | Link

New Version 1.1.1:
Oops I introduced a bug with previous version. Fixed!

Version 1.1:
As I was asked several times, I added options to allow manual fire and non inverted Y axis.
I also slightly lowered the laser sound as it was a bit annoying (It is still but lower :D)

I finally found the time to finish my shooter.

Here is Hyperspace, a 3D shooter with endless enemy waves. Try to beat your score during your last stand! Dodge through asteroids, resist enemy waves and defeat the bosses.

The barrel roll (with X) allows you to be untouchable for a short period of time.
The time is accelerating continuously so kill all enemies the fastest possible to get the best score.

I struggled a lot with token limit and I couldnt implement all i wanted. The code is messy as hell as I had to hardcode everything to save tokens
More sfx/music can still be added if I find some more tokens.

Looking forward to seeing your feelings about the game! And dont hesitate to share your highscores!

PS: The webplayer may have some slowdowns from time to time, the game in pico 8 client should run at a stable 30fps

shooter 3d
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Cart [#15137#] | Copy | Code | 2015-10-08 | Link


This is my first contribution and it is not a game. It is a small terrain renderer I made to see what was possible to do with pico 8 and how far.

The terrain definition is based on height maps of 32x32. The cartridge goes with 4 different maps.

The rendering has two modes:
a real time one, sort of voxel based that allows to move camera/lighting
an actual rasterization that is computed in background when the camera/lighting stays still

arrows: in camera mode, move the orbital camera, in lighting mode, move the directional camera
when in camera mode, pressing x/v while moving allows zooming in/out
z/c: switch camera / lighting mode
a/q: hide/show info (current mode, mem and cpu usage)
_ w: access to the menu to change settings

As it is a technical demo/test there's not much to do except moving around. you can play around with settings to change maps, palettes. I also included 5 different filters to dither lighting and terrain.

I have optimized quite a lot but there is still some room. The stable 30fps when moving near terrain is hard without implementing occlusion (because it is limited by rectfill) which will eat a lot too.

I've cleaned the code a bit so that it should be readable.

I dont know if I will work on this again later on but possible upgrades can be:
ingame height map editor
free camera and collision with terrain
rendering improvement (shadow cast, sun and specular on water...)
_ animation in renders (waves, birds, clouds...)

hope you'll enjoy !

Change log
Version 1.01
added perspective correction in rasterizer
optimize rasterizer (back face culling)
_ somes fixes in dithering sprites

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