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my mind just exploded when voxatron came up in the firefox google logo and i just played it.

WOW, its like the wembly stadium of pixels. omg cool.
yay lexaloffle!

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lol wtf did they un join?

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merry xmas from paraparaumu new zealand!!!

P#8100 2013-12-24 16:25 ( Edited 2013-12-27 01:38)


hey zep thought it would be cool to give deshn a legit liscenced version of voxatron seeing as hes doing such cool levels and contributing.

so if you think deshn deserves a chance then vote! heres what zep said about it.


Hey deshn, I appreciate the contribution you've made to the fledgling Voxatron community, and I'd be glad to give you a copy. However, it is a little unfair on other users who have financially supported the project.

So, here's how we'll do it. Everyone in favour of gifting deshn a legit license, say aye!

(Edit: btw, put some blank space after to avoid the 'message is too short' error)

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its worth it, the corners are the hardest part. It compresses flat along two different axis . go on, why dont you fold-a-hyperbolic-paraboloid

P#7346 2013-05-10 09:25 ( Edited 2013-05-11 23:08)


an earlier poster a little more simple and slightly gothic.

P#7303 2013-04-22 10:50


heres a wee poster i made for a local electronic dance/club nite thats starting here in dunedin!

so damn cute! i even chucked a few monsters in there. Its a rough replica of the new bar QUEENS.

P#7302 2013-04-22 10:46 ( Edited 2013-05-21 08:06)


These are some screen shots from a game im making about a elf who gets shrunk and has to venture through a garden populated by various bugs and creatures to try and regain his size. This game is being made with the help of jumps and functor.

P#7238 2013-04-03 09:50 ( Edited 2013-04-19 03:31)


hi zep, ive been happily trying the new animation and monster settings, totally awesome, thought i best mention a few bugs ive encountered. I will add any more as they crop up. Sorry if already a known issue.... ive dont even know how to do a proper bug report.

When using select tool if i select a whole object with a big sweeping motion ( i mean a circle ) when the edges of the dotted line touch it often crashes. (only when its generally a quick tidy circle motion. But if i draw an angle around the object and dont connect the dotted part it selects fine and doesnt crash. No idea why?

EDIT ( now the select tool isnt doing that at all?? i tried in prop animation and monster but that bug just disappeared but was occuering over and over again so im not sure what was causing it after all )

The reset camera function doesnt seem to be working within animations but works fine if its a prop.

more stuff later....

P#7198 2013-03-18 03:17 ( Edited 2013-03-18 20:32)


hi zep, i was wondering if you had considered porting voxatron or your other games to android as this cool new console (OUYA) is coming out. You probably already heard of it of course, biggest kickstarter response ever! Its based on the shareware model, the first level or levels are free then you can choose whether or not to get the whole game. Im hoping to put some games on it one day via Gamemakers android porting capabilities.


also just curious what anyone thinks of the OUYA as a way to play pc/mac games with a nintendo/playstation type controller. Personally im really excited if it works out.

p.s. it already has (kinda) dual stick so would fit your controls. merry xmas!

P#6955 2012-12-26 01:24

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