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So, Zep (or anybody who has some tips)!

  I'd like to start composing my own chiptunes. At this point I'm fairly comfortable with MilkyTracker from tutorials and covering songs, and I'm familiar with basic music theory from playing piano, but I still run into a brick wall of uncertainty when trying to compose anything original. I was wondering where you start when composing your tunes. How do you choose what instruments you want to use and what you want them to sound like? How much does knowledge of music theory affect your composition decisions? Do you use samples from other sources in your chiptunes, or do you create all your own instruments? 

 As it is now, it feels a little like I'm trying to make a sculpture by shouting hexadecimal values at a ball of clay.
P#8623 2014-04-01 01:45


Driftwood is a seafaring adventure that will take you across the great ocean and
through numerous islands to find the source of the tsunami that destroyed your village.

Planned features include lots of adorable character animations, a wave generator, and a rudimentary sea map!

It's a big project that'll require at least 0.2.10, so it'll take a lot of time, but
I'll work hard to make an excellent game.

P.S. Can someone confirm that the Kanji say "driftwood"?

P#8356 2014-01-19 14:24


A little more forum spam for today! But it's a fun one. Made a neat little poster promoting Metal Gear Voxel using POV-Ray to render. You guys should create some for your levels, too!

Credit to Konami for the character and typeface, of course.

mgs metal gear voxel snake eater
P#8149 2014-01-08 00:37

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