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Pixel Pusher & Game Gobbler.

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Here's some forest & castle levels made with the editor. Feel free to doodle with it :D

To play BBS levels in Voxatron, go "play" then "bbs levels" - simple as that!

And to upload your own levels, go to the Voxatron page on this site and "Submit a Level".

All the level data is stored as a single .png image file so you can post levels freely on the interwebs & wotnot.

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I made this video for a freestyle rap band. The stills were captured from a screen that has a lamp behind it (backlight was broken) which is why the lighting fades out towards the top.

Click here for video!

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Hiya all, choice BBS, Lex I say again.

Please post any GFX back of games in progress you might be working on. I'm trying to break out of my shell, so here's a few pics:

  1. Quibble - an isometric snake game. I made a board game of this originally on a small grid where each player places a new segment of snake to try & trap each other.

  2. Castle Skull - Dark Castle, Prince-of-Persia-esque game of saving the princess. Remake of an XT game I made in 1990 that absolutely no one has ever seen before (& never will!). It flicks between isometric & platform depending whether you're exploring or fighting.

  3. The Dark Moon of Arcalon - Me & Joseph's next platform masterpiece, inspired by Liero's battle mode magic, expanded into a thematic intergalactic fairytale.

  4. Velcro Mind - rendered GFX for a remake of Velcro Mind, which Joseph originally made for DOS in 1995.
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Hello peoples

Just frolicking in my brother's new fandangled lexbook network & thought I'd introduce myself. For quite some time I've been a frequent Tigsource snooper and am looking forward to hanging out on this BBS.

If anyone is a fan of BBC Micro, Amiga & arcade games, I'm looking forward to reminisce & critique with you. There's a lot to be expanded on in the good old masterpieces interms of new game design. I noticed last time I was in America all the arcade games (with the exception of Tron(!)) are the same here in New Zealand. Ghosts 'n' Goblins was really the earth-shatterer for me. It's nice seeing that magic come back to life, Arvoesine for example.

Currently I'm making an Asteroids clone called Gromulus which will be ready by the end of the year, & there's lots of GFX I want to share on Pip of other works in the pipeline. The Dark Moon of Arcalon especially, which is a new Jasper's Journeys type collaboration with Joseph.

Anywayz, nice to get that out of the way. This is the first thread I have ever started - perhaps it could be a "hello world" type thread.

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