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Old as dirt but thankfully a little more useful.

Been coding and scripting in this and that over the years, But stopped in about 2008 due to complications that needed sorting out. Recently got back into coding and finding I've missed it since picking up Pico-8 and a friend encouraging me with the gift of a PocketCHIP. I hope to get back to where I was designwise soon, And leap from Pico-8 to other less restricted forms of LUA in the future.

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If anyone remembers the playstation classic "Vib Ribbon" I was thinking that was something that could be done in Pico-8 easily enough. Vector stuff is beyond my skill right now but I'm almost certain one of you guys out there could pull it off.

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That true Apple ][ GS experience, As remembered by anyone who's wanted to use one at lunch to play some games at school. :V

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Maybe it's too late at night for my brain to be working right, But I'm trying to implement a shooter and I need to figure out a routine that will fire bullets from player x, y to a point specified by a mouse-run crosshair. So that no matter where the mouse or player char are in relation to eachother the bullets will fire from where the player is at that 'shot' action to where the crosshair was placed in the same instance..

I don't need pico-8 code specifically, Even pseudocode would help. I can't help but think I'm overthinking this right now.. D:

** Also I already have the mouse/crosshair/player bits going.

EDITEDITEDIT: This is going for a overhead perspective shooter where in lieu of a second joystick, Uses the mouse and a crosshair to simulate 'two stick controls' like in robotron 2084 or smash tv.

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Considering how many sounds and effects the Pico-8 tracker shares in common with the old NES music format, Is there any enterprising individual out there who might be able to write up a program that could read NSF and output to a file Pico-8 could understand..? I'd love to be able to use some of the classic musics in my carts.

So far I've tried using nsf programs to output to midi, Then from midi to pico-8 but that has had.. Less than desirable results so far.

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Cleaning up my attempt at the "Shooter in Pico-8" tutorial. Now has a title screen that alternates between a few attract screens before returning to menu, And much smoother ship movement and firing.. Perhaps TOO smooth. I seem to shoot like.. A bajillion bullets per keypress. XD

The music is crappy, But it's just placeholder stuff till I can write or make something better.

If anyone has an idea how I can trim down the bullets/Firing SFX to a more believable rate of fire, I'm all ears!

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..How awesome was it to see pico-8 demos, intros and games?

We should totally have compos for this system.

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Pico-8s music tracker is lovingly modeled after similar chiptrackers and samplers from the days of yesteryear so my question was if we could get more direct control over the tracks? As it stands now you can play a pattern directly but not specify exactly where to start or jump to.

I'd like to see classic tracker functionality added such as being able to manipulate patterns and channels on the fly as needed in the code. This would give people a lot more control over their music (And sfx for those who use the music channels for them.) allowing for things like music/beat games and incidental music to be easier to pull off. (As it stands now you need some pretty tricky peeks at the memory to do these things and even then the timing's not 100% accurate.)

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I wasn't sure what forum this would apply to as it's an asset for others to learn from or use/Repurpose so I put it in the collab forum. Code is pretty compact and verbosely commented so even the very basic user of Pico-8 can get a grasp of what I did and how.

UPDATE: Updated to 2.0! Includes McBoffin's suggestions, And includes simple "Warp" effect as well now! Everything's broken up into functions for ease of copying the functions to your own program, And commented up the wazoo for ease of tinkering!

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Cart #44074 | 2017-09-11 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA
Working on this as a thank-you for my friend Todd who gifted me an actual, Practical PocketCHIP on which to git gud at Pico-8. I borrowed the music from the Musicdisc by Gruber for now just to have a cheery tune in place till I can get a better grip on how this tracker works compared to .IT which I'm used to.

My 'CHIP doesn't get here till Wednesday-Friday though so it's like the horrible anxiety of waiting for Xmas. XD

EDIT: I know my code's a bit sloppy but I haven't sat and coded anything in years. It's all coming back to me and 2.0b should be a lil' more slimmed down hopefully. Those long sprite lists I can likely handle with a function.

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Was reminded the other day of LED Cube arrays and was thinking with enough patience and some micro LEDs one of these could be an interesting display for Voxatron, Particularly if one managed to build an array in the same voxel resolution..


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A simple tank to replace your character as shown (And requested!) elsewhere on the forums. As I mentioned there, These are based off a 16x16x16 frame rather than the 'proper' 15 15 16 one so some slight clipping may occur, Though I haven't had any truly terrible collisions yet.

VOB library might load in another slot besides 6, So you might need to move the frames to VOB6 manually via copy-paste. If so, Be sure the first frame is named _char or it won't work!

P#4107 2011-11-12 14:11 ( Edited 2011-11-14 03:13)

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Just a simple city-level I have in the works. I think some of my models (The buildings/Roads) might be a bit big as Vox sporadically crashes and I need to save a LOT as I work. Making the rest after I post this, Is just a completeable test of the blocks assembled into a map. The lil' blue bugs are supposed to pop out of the mouth of the huge ones when they appear, But sometimes they spawn around them instead.

The finished levels will be interconnected by the doorways which will spawn portals when each room is cleared, And contain more furniture as I get to making them. I know the buildings block a lot of the foreground action so I tried to make enemies spawn only where you could see them. Maybe in the future some kind of transparency can be added to the blocks. (Hint, Developer! :D)

LATER EDIT: Now that I finally understand how the uploading to the BBS Level List works (LOL!) it should show up in the list as # 4108 now!

P#3861 2011-11-10 13:52 ( Edited 2011-11-13 17:20)

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