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Finished Levels

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Levels I Have In Mind

Space Battle
Waiting for custom NPCs so I can make a bunch of spaceships and set them against the PC on a black backdrop with white stars

Marine Arena
Again, waiting for custom NPCs so I can reskin minimons to look like banelings, and the player character to look like a Starcraft marine.

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Cart #4112 | 2011-11-12 | Embed ▽ | No License

I've started working on an adventure set in the Aperture Science labs, -so far I have a couple of battles orchestrated, some working portals, and some working laser turrets.

I'm uploading it here because I plan on adding a bunch more levels, with increasing complexity and difficulty (the current levels are fairly straightforward). I want people to start playing it now and offer constructive criticism & feedback. I'm also afraid that someone will put out a portal-themed map that is far better than what I have before I finish it... So please play and comment!

Added several new rooms today (which include lasers travelling through portals and extending bridges :o :o :o). I think this means 1.1?


edit: Complete, with GLaDOS confrontation, Chell character skin, and two alternate endings!

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I couldn't find a thread like this in the first five pages or so, so I figured I would make one. If one already exists, or there is already a place for this sort of discussion, let me know.

Rather than multiple threads clogging up the board, everyone can post here, and hopefully it will catch the attention of moderators and developers (who are perusing these boards for feedback, I'm sure). It's also possible that people might suggest things that are already in-game, and others can let them know how to do it.

Some ideas I had about possible inclusions for future updates (mostly relating to the editor):

-the ability to submit levels to the BBS list from the editor/ in-game
-community ratings (star system perhaps) for user-submitted levels
-a simple trigger/button/tripwire mechanic to cue monster spawns and/or item drops
-the ability to draw moving paths for objects
-maybe some sort of minimap (I am expecting some obscenely large maze maps in the future)
-a sub-board for tutorials/help relating to the editor
-(in the very distant future) multiplayer, or co-op (would be awesome fun imo)

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