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Today I planned to buy the game for a friend, but when I got home to buy it, there was literally 1 minute and 30 seconds of time to buy it. Anyway, I think it was quite hilarious, but is there a record what was the time of the last purchase of the game? I want to know if someone beat me.

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This is a Minecraft Steve model. Bow is for shooting and ninja mode is gold chestplate and diamond sword.
The size of the model is clipping to other objects and actors, but if I kept it within the size limit of no clipping, then it wouldn't look like Steve.

Please leave any feedback on the model if something needs to be fixed, or you want something modified.

NOTE: The file opens in the first frame of the model, which is Steve neutral in a normal shooting mode. Go to the rooms panel to access the room itself.

EDIT: I bumbed this to celebrate the Release of Minecraft.

Cart #4277 | 2011-11-13 | Embed ▽ | No License

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Is everyone allowed to edit or just some select people allowed to edit the wiki?

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Adding head tracking to Voxatron would be positive in many ways, and also in some negative ways too. I am here to discuss these. By adding head tracking, I mean having a webcam and Voxatron will track where your head is. This would give the ability to rotate the stage as the head moves and it would appear as though the game is three-dimensional and tangible.


-complements voxels with the illusion of 3d

-platform levels are easier due to the ability to view the player and other objects from different angles.


-would require players to buy a specific web camera or Lexaloffle would need to find a way to make every web camera to work with Voxatron.

-If a level designer used a small wall to hide a power up, etc., then simply moving your head could reveal the hidden suprise.

If you think of anything else positive, negative about this idea, post it here.

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