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Just a simple city-level I have in the works. I think some of my models (The buildings/Roads) might be a bit big as Vox sporadically crashes and I need to save a LOT as I work. Making the rest after I post this, Is just a completeable test of the blocks assembled into a map. The lil' blue bugs are supposed to pop out of the mouth of the huge ones when they appear, But sometimes they spawn around them instead.

The finished levels will be interconnected by the doorways which will spawn portals when each room is cleared, And contain more furniture as I get to making them. I know the buildings block a lot of the foreground action so I tried to make enemies spawn only where you could see them. Maybe in the future some kind of transparency can be added to the blocks. (Hint, Developer! :D)

LATER EDIT: Now that I finally understand how the uploading to the BBS Level List works (LOL!) it should show up in the list as # 4108 now!

P#3861 2011-11-10 13:52 ( Edited 2011-11-13 17:20)

man this looks great, but when i tried looking for 3861 under all levels i couldnt find it :(
edit: nvm looks like you only posted a pic of your level and didnt upload it?

P#4048 2011-11-11 23:41 ( Edited 2011-11-12 04:43)

@yellow: The pic itself IS the level. Notice the squiggly mess of rainbow pixels along the bottom..? That's what tells the engine what voxels are where at what heights I believe. At any rate this is the exact .png the game saves and reads to.

Simply SAVE AS to wherever your pc/mac saves the Voxatron savedatas (On XP it's in c:\documents and settings\admin\application data\voxatron or similar. Unno about other OS.) And you should be able to play it.

If there's a way to actually get it to show up in the list in-game, I've no idea how to do that and would rather wait till I polish this off a bit. So far it's just the one room and basic furnishings.

LATER EDIT: In fact the P=#### under each post here isn't the number of the level in the game. It means the post was post ####.

P#4057 2011-11-12 00:51 ( Edited 2011-11-12 17:52)

This is taking longer than desired as Vox seems to crash for me -quite- often on copy/paste functions. So for every 15 minutes of work I have to do like 10 minutes of backtracking. It's still being worked on, just taking a bit longer than I want.

P#4095 2011-11-12 12:43 ( Edited 2011-11-12 17:43)

@yellow: Ahhhh... I see why you were looking for my thread post in the games list now.. It seems the upload gadget names the image/level link to the thread # and uses this same system in the game. I didn't know this. Fix'd though, And added as 4108 now if I understand this right.. Also updated the above post to reflect this..

P#4109 2011-11-12 14:20 ( Edited 2011-11-12 19:21)

Just an update to prove I'm still working on a fully finished set of levels: Side street, Now with vehicles! :D Well, Vehicle models to park on the streets.

P#4183 2011-11-12 21:56 ( Edited 2011-11-13 02:56)

A health pack on top of the ambulance, -that's genius!

P#4217 2011-11-13 07:54 ( Edited 2011-11-13 12:54)

@eamonn: Thanks. At the time I was just trying to find a place to put the boxes and realized my 'moving trucks' looked more like ambulances anyways X3 But was trying to keep the vehicles no bigger than 32x16x32 :P Might put a VOB bank up later if I can get enough vehicles made to make a pack worthwhile. So far I have a police cruiser a Car with a fancy engine bay and the ambulance/Moving truck X3

P#4243 2011-11-13 12:20 ( Edited 2011-11-13 17:20)

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