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This is actually the first map I'm trying to work on since I've got Voxatron.

Though as you can see, there is no weapon, and levels inside objects yet.
2-way doors are kind of broken, you just have to find them to go to next part of map.

It's based on this: http://www.shikadi.net/wiki/keen/images/5/53/Ck1lv80.png

Levels for map will be available when I finish porting whole mars map. Map is splitted into squares, as full map would be for me pretty much confusing still as player could skip levels by going around area instead to follow steps properly.

Another problem for me is triggering levels as done (Example: Enter shrine, do something around level, exit, replace shrine with object "Done" [Design not implemented yet] and remove re-entering level), so if anyone could help, it would be nice.

Another problem with character is about helmet. If I fill few voxels of helmet to front, the face won't be even noticable. I don't know should I keep it like this or put in front of helmet extra voxels to make it look like real helmet.

Note that this is not easy for me as I don't have so much of time to build everything. I've tried to build most of tiles from the game itself in 3D, and it's pretty much looking non-proportional. Design is difficult, as I keep filling every object so that it doesn't look like that it's empty inside when shooting. Feel free to help at design of some objects, as long they fit properly.

When extra designers come to Voxatron, I'll replace enemies from game and objects to make it look identical somehow.

I might have missed few things still.

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My friends played Jasper's Journeys and somehow they liked it more than Voxatron (you don't say). Yet, they even wanted to know is there some way to get level editor for it.

Any chance that you publish level editor at least?

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Happy New Year from Eastern Europe / Croatia!
Not sure if you even celebrate it yet, it might be still early!

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Lately, Wiki keeps being spammed just with user bots, which make their own page, and put spam which is useless. Is there going to be any kind of bot/admin which can ban IP/user and delete junk pages so that we don't keep having those kind of spam anymore?

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