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Cart #nearmiss-0 | 2023-01-31 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

This prototype was made for Pico-View, a monthly web-zine hosted here on the BBS and also on NerdyTeachers.com.

You are challenged with taking on this mechanic of rewarding the player for nearly missing obstacles.

You can:
1) Play this prototype as-is, and share your highscores below.
2) Take this cart, and edit it as much as you'd like to create your own spin-off!

Don't forget to share it here on the BBS with the tag "Prototype Party" so we can see all the imaginative creations that all started from this prototype. And keep your eyes out for more in the coming issues of Pico-View!

Read the full issue here:
BBS Pico-View

Nerdy Pico-View

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Hello PICO-8 community,

I have begun making a Youtube channel and website dedicated to helping beginner programmers to not just get started but continue to explore and play with code in PICO-8. So I've come here to humbly ask for some feedback (criticism welcomed) on the videos and corresponding web pages I've made so far.

I have 5 tutorial series planned:

  1. Bite-size Games
  2. Game Element or Mechanic Chunks
  3. Drawing Pixel Art
  4. Functions Explained
  5. Game Starter Kits

Bite-size Games

This series is intended to let learners create tiny games that can stand on their own, but lacking polish so they encourage being altered and improved upon. They are "bite-sized" because they should be able to be built in a single sitting. They will have arbitrary numbers that might refer to difficulty or just release order.

Fruit Drop

Corresponding web page: Fruit Drop Game Explained

Game Element or Mechanic Chunks

This series is intended to answer common learner questions of "How do I make _____?" (animations, menus, scoring, multiplayer, movement, shooting, collision, physics, walls, maps, scenes, scene transitions, on and on) Each video will tackle each one directly, so that it is easy to understand how to implement them into the game they are trying to make.

Sprite Animations

Corresponding web page: Animated Frog Sprite Explained

Drawing Pixel Art

This series is for learners who like to focus on using Pico-8 for creating art, and for others to improve their pixel art skills. I don't plan on narrating them, because really they are just a byproduct of the other tutorials' sprite drawing parts, and not as time-lapsed.

Beagle Dog in 3 sizes

Functions Explained

This series is basically a PICO-8 API in video. Beginners often struggle with text heavy docs, and don't often explore all the arguments a built-in function has to offer. So this introduces each function and the arguments they take with some example of them in use.

SPR( )

Corresponding web page: SPR( ) Function Explained

Game Starter Kits

This series is for packaging more than one of the Elements and/or Mechanics together to create a starting point of a certain type of game.

Platformer with Advanced Movement

The whole playlist.

Corresponding web page: Platformer Setup Explained

Feedback Wanted!

Feedback is so important to developing and improving the content. And we'd much rather focus time and energy to creating what is actually wanted, instead of only what we THINK is wanted. So please share any thoughts, ideas, likes and dislikes, suggestions and criticisms on any little detail.


If you want to get involved in the making of these tutorials in any way, please do reach out! We all have skills to share and I certainly welcome yours! One of the easiest ways to collaborate is by offering one of your carts as a content piece that you think would be great in one of the series. I will break it down and explain it in video and a webpage, or you can help with that process too!

You can contact us at [email protected]

Current Question

I'm not sure which series to focus on first after I finish 1 in each, so my question is:

Which of the 5 series do you think is most beneficial or interesting to you, or people you know?

(P.S. just want to acknowledge a few Pico-8 Youtube creators out there who I have been using with my students over the years: krystman, Gruber, bridgs )

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