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We have had a busy busy busy October in our community and this Pico-View issue really reflects that! It is absolutely full this month with content, thanks to you all!

Here's the lineup of Content:
-PICO-8 Hardware Tutorials
-Asynchronous Multiplayer
-A Tool for Isometric Games
-Judge Reviews of the Cre8 Jam Results
-The Importance of Playtesting
-New Community Stars
-Featured Game Review - Redash
-Featured Interview - Pico Life
-PCM Recorded Samples
-Retro Game Icons of Horror
-2 Upcoming Jams
-New Release Recommendations
-Hardware Gallery from the Community
-Halloween Themed Prototype

Read it here:

Cover Art and Illustrations by @Werxzy

P#136677 2023-10-31 13:33


A truly great read, thank you for your continued work for our community. The Pico8-Gamer link didn't lead anywhere, just fyi. But the rest was really cool :)

P#136681 2023-10-31 15:21

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

(And thanks for the heads up on the broken link. He just recently changed his Youtube name and apparently that broke the old URL, fixed it now.)

P#136684 2023-10-31 16:00

Thank you so much for keeping this tradition going! I appreciate all of the hard work that everyone put into this issue. Awesome cover art, too! 👻

P#136718 2023-11-01 00:27

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