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Just a PICO-8 enthusiast making spooky games! :)

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Cart #zononutatu-0 | 2023-10-30 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

A tiny little survival horror game! 💀


-a mini horror quest-

SUPER SPECIAL THANKS TO MBoffin (Dylan Bennett) for map collision stuff.


This game has some mild pixelated blood and gore, viewer digression is advised.

This game also has flashing images, which can bother those who have sensitivity to such things.

Also, this is the first game I've made. So it has horrible code, sound and graphics. I'm sorry about that! :)


ARROW KEYS - move character
[X] (keyboard X) - accept/close menu
[O] (keyboard Z) - pull up menu/statistics


This game is a tiny little survival horror game made with PICO-8. The goal was to see if I could make something creepy in such a restrictive environment.

You wake up in dark woods. Everything is pitch black except the light emitted from your dim lantern. The goal is to escape the woods - alive! A creature known as the FLY GOD is hunting you and will take you away if you're caught. You can not fight - running away is your only defense.


To control your player, use the DIRECTION KEYS. To go to different areas, just walk to the edge of the screen. (Be careful the FLY GOD has a tendency to pop up and grab you near the edge of the screen!) You will have to find the way out of the woods to beat the game. Avoid touching the FLY GOD creature, if it touches you... you will be dragged away and lose the game.

To help you, there are some items...

TAROT CARD - There are two tarot card pickups in the game, one near the beginning and one hidden. Tarot cards are completely optional and are not needed to beat the game. Once you pick up a tarot card, you get a random card - which can give you a good or bad effect.

There are also a couple items which are needed to complete the game. The items will automatically be used when you need them, after you've collected the needed item, of course.

Use the [O] button (keyboard X) to pull up the game paused menu... this will show your inventory, the current tarot card you carry, and your sanity level.

SANITY - Your sanity meter will slowly drain as you play, once your sanity level starts getting pretty low, you'll notice weird in-game happenings such as an odd sound effect and messages popping up on screen. If your sanity meter completely depletes, you lose the game.


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