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Ok So I will be using this thread to document my probably ultra-slow progress into programming.

I will be making a clone of Atari's "Asteroids", all to teach myself to program, and hopefully motivate me to do things....

So far what I am needing to do is:

Make a Title Screen
Make the Ship
Design the Asteroids
the UFO
Add a score board
maybe a level count?

I have 0 knowledge how to do this so it will be nice to see if I can do it!

I've thought about using sprites for everything game related, like the ship, UFO, and asteroids.... However I've also though about making it like the 2600 asteroids, without a definite sprite sheet and just use it's basic syntax to draw these things.

any tips would be very helpful as well! I look forward to making something we can all enjoy...hopefully!

asteroids pico clone first game beginner help
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