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You are Pat Blastrock, down on your luck space hero. After a particularly ill-fated adventure, you stumble into Space Tavern Station with only 500 credits to your name and a busted up escape pod. (It was a very ill-fated adventure.)
Luckily, if there's one thing Space Tavern Station has an endless supply of, besides surprisingly vile synth-ale, it's suckers. You're going take the only option you have left and gamble your way back to fame and fortune.

The poker played here at Space Tavern Station is not a fancy tournament. Here, they play tavern-style. You can leave the table at any time, but you can't go "all in". If you get raised out, you have to fold, so make sure you bring enough cash to play a grownup's game.

Some of your opponents might be desperate enough to bet the keys to their ship. Don't feel any remorse in taking that bet. It's not your problem how they're going to get home.

If you're light on cash, you can go to your inventory and sell something.

Controls :
Arrow keys and (O) to navigate menus.
(X) to go back to the main menu. (Leaving the poker table.)

Pause Menu :
Sound : On/Off
High-Viz cards - Alternate card design. Some people find it easier to see.
Reset Data : Delete all data and go back to your initial $500 and busted up escape pod.

Old Version:

1.1 :
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I decided that the first game I should make for this system would be an homage to the earliest game I have strong memories of playing : “Moon Mine“. Published in 1983, “Moon Mine” was available only on the TI-99/4a, Which means that nobody has ever heard of it. I had it though, and it was a blast. For years this was my favorite game.
So here’s my remake. Made from memory and by closely examining the old game manual I found in the basement.

The original classic was made by Rob F Hendren and John Phillips and I’ve always felt it didn’t get enough nostalgia love.

The instructions are in the system menu. Basically use the arrow keys to move the lasers. O to fire. X to beam down a crew-member to retrieve minerals and water samples.

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