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Cart #candlelight_graveyard-0 | 2023-10-28 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

This month's prototype is named "Candlelight Graveyard". It is a lot more developed than I usually make these prototypes because I wanted to add that Halloween theme, and probably got carried away. I try to just pick one style, mechanic, or function and focus on that each month, but this game has a few:

  • lighting of the map using pal() swap and clip()
  • sin() and cos() for rotation of candles
  • fillp() for drawing the grass light effect
  • vertical levels using the full map for easy editing

I also challenged myself to use only 2 buttons in preparation for the 2-Button Jam happening next month. So for controls you only move left and right, with either arrow keys or O and X. The right button is also the action button to move on to the next level.

There are 8 levels total (0-7) and watch out for the last level because it has a real tough twist! So share a screenshot if you manage to beat the whole game!

Beyond just playing this game, we encourage you to take on the challenge of building your own version by creating an action game where the player controls multiple objects that rotate automatically like our candles.

Don't forget to share it here on the BBS with the tag "prototype-party" so we can see what you were inspired to create. And keep your eyes out for more in the coming issues of Pico-View!

Read the full issue here:

Pico-View #10 - October 2023: https://nerdyteachers.com/PICO-8/Pico-View/?issue=10

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