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Pico-View webzine for August 2023 is out now!

Here's the lineup:
-Cover Art and Gallery by PJBGamer
-What is a Lerp - Fletch
-Making Music with Loops - c.diffin
-Game Jam Interviews & Lineups - Nerdy Teachers
-Featured Interview: Canyon Crisis Team ft. Marina
-Featured Game Review: Occult Gunner - Achie
-PICO-1k Jam Announcement - Liquidream
-Cre8 Jam Announcement - Pico-8 Gamer
-The Death of a Frog - Marina
-New Release Recommendations
-Prototype Party - Color Combo

Once again thank you to everyone who participates, contributes, and reads the zine! I hope you all had a wonderful month of August, and here's to an even better September!

Happy Reading 🤓

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