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Cover Art by Mikesta

Pico-View November 2023 Issue #11 is here!

We have had a some amazing releases this month and this Pico-View issue has some incredible insights to learn all about them! There's also a couple special announcements and reveals that we've been keeping hush hush, so I hope you enjoy!

Here's the lineup of Content:

-Interviewing the PICO-8 Community - Pico-8 Gamer
-PICO-8 HTML Templates - Fletch
-Featured Game Review: Vial Varmits - Achie
-BAS: Birds and Saws Demake - Yokoboko
-Introduction to 3D - Tubeman
-The Best PICO-8 Games? - Nerdy Teachers
-The Spectre of Game Design - Pancelor
-Random Reviews - New Release Recommendations
-Advanced Token Saving - Lokistriker
-Outstanding Outliers: To Hell & Back in 30 Years - KumaKhan22
-The Spatial Audio of Demi Daggers - RidgeK
-Toy Box Jam 2023 - ThatTomHall
-Pico-8 Advent Calendar - TheTomster
-Pixel Art Gallery - Shika
-Prototype Party
-The Future of Pico-View - Nerdy Teachers

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