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It's the last day of June 2023 and the new issue of Pico-View is here! Get ready to learn a lot, not just about PICO-8 but also about each other! 🧐 🤓

Here's the lineup:
-Cover art by Jammigans
-My PICO-8 Learning Journey - Ruvalolowa
-How to Write a Hit Song in 30 Minutes - RidgeK
-Featured Game Review 1: Porter - Achie
-Featured Game Review 2: 'Til the Gods Devour Us - Achie
-Finding Unity in the PICO-8 Community - Nerdy Teachers
-Featured Interview - Jammigans ft. Marina
-Let's Jam in July! - Nerdy Teachers
-Random Reviews - New Release Recommendations
-Pixel Art Gallery - Ben Canfield
-Prototype Party - Sokolike

Thanks once again to everyone, especially in our Discord Server, who participated in all the helpful ways we prepared this zine throughout the month. And special thanks to all the extra contributors who welcomed me warmly as I jumped in the DMs.
Love this community!

Happy reading!
Read Pico-View Issue #6: June 2023

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