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Cart #pally-7 | 2023-10-30 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA


Hi everyone!
This is my first game ever. I'm not a programmer (but learned programming in university 18 years ago) and I've spent on this 5 full days of my vacation, so it has a lot of rough edges and was made with no actual idea in mind (as I was learning). But surprisingly, I am proud of this result and want to do more!
Feedback and critique for the win!


Help Pally to collect as much stars as possible for higher score while avoiding different flying stuff! Every star also adds 1 material which can be used to build bridges over water (x) (1 material/square) and use shield (o) (1 material/second). Be careful at the start of the game, you have only 4 material units on the start! If you have not enough materials to get somewhere, there are two options:

  • you have spent too much on bridges and shield
  • I messed up with map (please, write me about it)
    Every 5 stars increase fires speed a little but there is a limit ;) Use shield wisely!

Final score is Stars+(2*Materials) so try not to spent too much.


Arrows - movement
(X) - put a bridge in current (or last) look direction (uses 1 material)
(O) - toggle shield on/off (uses 1 material per second)


2023-10-30 - 0.2.d - painted new castle tiles
2023-10-30 - 0.2.c - fixed a bug where bridges remained after reload of the same level after death
2023-10-29 - 0.2.a - made randomized obstacles, and fire now changes directions
2023-10-28 - 0.1.d - cactus collision fix :[
2023-10-28 - 0.1.c - initial upload

Known bugs

  • It's theoretically possible that obstacles will completely block you on the start of the game. That would be a randomizer miracle, please post a screenshot!


I thank Heracleum, FReDs72, Josiah Winslow, kometbomb and Miss Mouse from Discord for help (I hope I did not forget someone) and jobe's Gradient editor for title screen's gradient. And of course SpaceCat, Lazy Devs and Nerdy Teachers :) It were a very fun 5 days! It's such a pity that vacation comes to an end :(

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