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Cart [#45803#] | Copy | Code | 2017-11-02 | Link

My entry to the 3-Color Jam (#3CJam), where you had to create a "spooky" game that used no more than 3 colours (and yes, Black is a colour!). It is an attempt to make a short adventure game, based heavily on the movie "Halloween" by John Carpenter.

I created it using my SCUMM-8 point & click adventure game engine (GitHub link)

However, due to the BBS web player not hiding mouse cursor and right-clicks,
I recommend playing it on My itch.io page (LINK)

Also, for the best effect: turn the lights down and the sound up or headphones)! :D


  • Mouse is recommended
  • (Arrows / Z / X - will also work)


  • If never played a "Point+Click" adventure game before...
  • Simply use the cursor and (left) click where you want the player to Walk To.
  • To interact with objects, click on the Verb you wish to perform, then click on the object.
  • For example, to Pick-up the Knife... simply click "PICK-UP" and then click on the "Knife" object in the scene.
  • When hovering the cursor over objects, their default verb/action (if applicable) will be highlighted. In this case, you can simply Right-click on the object for the default verb/action to be performed.


  • Code, Art & Music (cover): Paul Nicholas (@Liquidream)
  • Additional design by Hilda Nicholas.
  • Original "Halloween" Music, Concept & Credit: John Carpenter


 * FIX: Issues with wardrobe doors
 * FIX: Replaying intro when re-entering first room
 * FIX: Display issue if user clicks after ending
 * CHG: Now only offers hint once you've looked at a certain object.
 * Initial version

#3cjam halloween scumm-8
P#45709 2017-10-31 10:32


Cart [#44026#] | Copy | Code | 2017-09-09 | Link

Another World: SURVIVAL
Imagine the game Another World, but with endless waves of enemies to fight! (#LOWREZJAM entry)

This was my entry to the #LOWREZJAM, using a display of only about 1/8th of the Pico-8 display (64x32 pixels), is a new spin on an old classic!

(More was planned - such as music, sfx and an intro anim, but ran out of time!)


  • Arrows = Move player left/right/crouch
  • Z = Kick
  • X = Fire laser - when you get the gun at Level 3
    • (Hold for a few seconds and release to create a defence shield)
    • (Hold for longer to release a BLAST to destroy enemy shields)


  • Endless number of levels
    • (Theoretically!)
  • Several classes of enemies to survive from:
    • Water tentacles: Don't linger too long next to the pool!
    • Worms: If they sting you, it's game over!
    • Soldiers: They will use all their skills to defeat you!



 * ADD: "Elevator door" (kinda) transition at start of Titles
 * FIX: Double-play of "gun pickup" cutscene
 * Initial version

lowrezjam another world
P#44028 2017-09-09 14:14


Cart [#43646#] | Copy | Code | 2017-08-26 | Link

Here's my PICO-8 tribute to my favourite end-of-game music, "Still Alive" from Portal.
I also replaced the original credits with some shout-outs to the PICO-8 community! ;o)

Hope you like it and don't forget: the cake is a lie!

(P.S. - The original game music was done by Jonathan Coulton)

References used:

portal still alive
P#43647 2017-08-26 14:11


Cart [#42859#] | Copy | Code | 2017-07-28 | Link

"Nobody knows why - it's just always been this way. Our chance of survival is to absorb all the Green Orbs floating around, while avoiding certain death by touching the Lava - all before the time runs out!"

My entry to the #FC_JAM that came 2nd Place, where the theme was "Union".

For the best experience, download or Click here to play on Itch.io, coz it can hide the mouse cursor!


  • Mouse = Move player (Recommended)
  • Arrows = Move player


  • Endless number of levels*
    • (Theoretically - though probably impossible after a while!)
  • Each level is "consistently random" - learn the best way to win!
  • 6x Power-Ups to help you throughout the game
  • Timed levels - Race the clock!
  • High Score
  • Familiar-sounding thumping music... *cough*

The following PICO-8 posts & resources were very helpful in the making of this game:


 * ADD: Momentary shrink at press of button (wait to recharge)
 * ADD: New one-time shield power-up
 * ADD: Music can now be toggled on/off via pause menu
 * ADD: Particle effects for deaths & game over screen
 * ADD: Now saves highest level reached
 * CHG: Power-up animations
 * CHG: Pause power-up now works in conjunction with player power-ups
 * FIX: Title anim pos
 * FIX: Power-up pos under ui
 * FIX: Player pos jump at start of level (now controllable during countdown)
 * FIX: Game over screen/anim can now be skipped​
 * Initial version

P#42503 2017-07-15 06:06


Cart [#39678#] | Copy | Code | 2017-04-15 | Link


SCUMM-8 is a PICO-8 "demake" of the SCUMM engine that powered most of the classic LucasArts adventure games, such as Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion. However, it is only (heavily) "inspired" by the SCUMM engine, not a true replica - for that you'll want good ol' SCUMM-VM.

My plan/hope is to make it possible for anyone to make their own point & click adventure games in PICO-8!


Multiple Rooms (up to 32, technically)
Pathfinding for walking
Dialogs between Actors
Camera system (pan-to, follow, static)
Room transitions ("iris", cut)
Customisable Verbs
Z-plane ordering of objects/actors
Global-level (background) & Room-level scripts
Game start-up script
Object dependencies
Replace Color (to allow re-use of room/object gfx)
Adjustable Room Brightness Levels
Screen "shake" effect
Proximity (between Actors/Objects)


Further compression of engine/game definition code
(as the engine takes WAY more tokens/size than planned!)
Separate cart for creating/editing levels (if possible - depends on point above)
Save/Load support (when space allows)
More on GitHub...


All the code is on GitHub.

The above "game" is just a silly demo that I created as part of testing the engine. Unfortunately, due to the large size of the engine + game code, it had to be "minified" to allow posting to the BBS. The original demo game source can be found here.

Please see the SCUMM-8 Wiki for details on how to get started creating your own SCUMM-8 game, as well as the the full API reference.

The following PICO-8 posts & resources were very helpful in the making of SCUMM-8:
picotool: Tools and Python libraries for manipulating Pico-8 game files
Overcoming tokens
Sample Code: Screenshake and Fading
A* pathfinding example

adventure scumm point click engine
P#39680 2017-04-15 03:38


Cart [#26589#] | Copy | Code | 2016-08-06 | Link

My PICO-8 tribute to one of the best games I've ever played... THE LAST OF US

(The original game music was done by Gustavo Santaolalla)

P#26591 2016-08-06 14:41


Hi all,
This is my first PICO-8 submission and, probably, my first ever (completed) game! :)

SLACKER is a tribute to classic "stacking" game that many of us wasted lots of time (and money) playing down the arcade. However, unlike the real one, this game is NOT rigged... (but it IS hard!) ;)
I've even included four possible prizes to select from, should you reach the top!
(who's gonna be the first to "catch 'em all" - no cheating!) ;)

Hope you enjoy it - I spent WAY too long on what was supposed to be a "quick game to learn PICO-8"

Updates in v1.2:
Now supports 60fps (thanks to @zep for adding it to PICO-8 v0.1.9)
Also made it a tad easier (was too difficult before - not sure it was really 'beatable'!)

Cart [#28457#] | Copy | Code | 2016-09-13 | Link

Z/X - Place Block(s) / Select Prize
Arrows - (not used)

--- Release History
1.2: Now supports 60fps and also made it a tad easier (was too difficult before!)
1.1: Removed exploit that made game much easier + added screen shake when prize drops
1.0: First version

arcade stacker blocks
P#25853 2016-07-25 08:30

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