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Just noticed this:

Looks pretty cool. The built in functions and sprite sheet definition in the code is different so some work would be required for any existing PICO-8 games.

I started working on a port of a game to LIKO-12 but changed my mind and decided to port it directly to love2d.

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Hi all! I think this is complete as I can't fit any more code in.

You can also find this on github here.

(change style in options > mouse+music > control mode)

left, right - turn ship
up - thrust forward
down - point in the opposite direction of movement
z - open and close the pause/ship menu (use arrow keys to make selections]
x - fire weapon

Ship will rotate to face mouse cursor
right click thrusts forward
left click shoots

Stylus (PocketChip)
Tap and hold near the ship will rotate
Tap and hold far from the ship will thrust in that direction


- [x] Simple 2D Newtonian Flight Model
- [x] Procedurally generated ships
- [x] Procedurally generated planets
- [x] 3D planet rotation (courtesy of gamax92)
- [x] Simple autopilot
- [x] Multicannons
- [x] Explosions
- [x] Ok AI
- [x] Title screen (courtesy of EatMoreCheese)
- [x] Homing missiles
- [x] Off-screen targeting and missile impacts
- [x] Better token optimization
- [x] More planet types
- [x] Shipyards
- [x] Dogfights
- [x] Sound Effects
- [x] Music
- [x] Gamepad, Mouse, or stylus control styles
- [x] Configurable starfield graphics
- [ ] Inventory with items and more weapons
- [ ] Save games?

Out of date GIFs:

Defend your planet

Get blown up

Random Ships

Minimap and Overlay

Overkill Starfield

Starfield Options

Gas Giants

Terran Planets (and more!)

Credit to @gamax92 for the 3D planet rotation!

Older Versions

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Hi all,
I'm working on a space game with procedurally generated planets and thought others may benefit from the simplex noise functions I'm using.

This is ported the reference examples at:


The whitepaper can be found here:


Feel free to use. Be aware that perlin noise (predecessor to simplex noise) has a patent. Here's an alternative: OpenSimplexNoise


Edit: That patent is for simplex noise

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