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I would just like to know because I feel like there is some beef between the two fantasy platforms.

P#71355 2019-12-23 22:30

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Hi, My name is Rimuru, I have been going around and informing creators that their game is on another website without their permission. here is a list of the games
Santa Can't Breath On Mars.
Snow Plower.
Polar Panic.
Dot Gobbler.
Planet Wreckers.
BK'S Super One Wheel Adventure.
Last Christmas.
Mouse Maze.
and many others. The website is ArcadePreHacks. To find your game, go on their website, Click the Unity box so you dont have to look through Unity games but leave the Flash box ticked and look through the website and if you find your game go on the forums and talk about it in one of the existing forums. I will get back to you eventually.

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