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Cart [#39950#] | Copy | Code | 2017-04-26 | Link

The Story of Zeldo. Lank wakes up to a fairy and realizes he needs to fight monsters and save the princess.

sword -> Hold Z then arrow key.
boomerang -> Hold X then arrow key.

Originally, The Story of Zeldo was going to be a small project that would only take a few hours/days. Though I wasn't going to put much time into it, I couldn't stop working on it and ended up spending a couple weeks on it.

This cartridge is loaded, it's using almost all of the music, sound, map, sprite, token, and character allocations. This is the largest pico 8 project I have done yet and this is the first time I've run into space limits. I hope you have as much fun playing it as I had making it!

Check out my github page for comments within the code.

zeldo alanxoc3 lank canondwarf ivan adventure
P#39951 2017-04-26 03:26


Cart [#36443#] | Copy | Code | 2017-01-22 | Link

Revast - Reverse Asteroids
Play asteroids as the asteroids, as the spaceship, or with a friend!

+Improve sound effects
+Improve music
+Better Spaceship AI
+Better Select AI
+High Score System.

asteroids revast reverse
P#35303 2017-01-08 22:05


Cart [#33026#] | Copy | Code | 2016-12-04 | Link

My first pico game! I mainly went through a tutorial, but I changed the controls and made my own music. this is a 2-player tron remake.

P#33027 2016-12-04 21:01


A simple bike game that I created, most of it was from following a tutorial.

P#33024 2016-12-04 20:53

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