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Cart #stabbycrabby-0 | 2022-06-14 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Made for Mini Jam 108. We started a day late and finished a day late. Standard PICO-8 controls. Z is select. X is back. Arrow keys move the selection.

It's can be hard for a lone hermit crab to survive in the wild. Luckily, this hermit has a giant sword! Chose between 9 action cards to defend yourself from predators!

Movement Cards (Green)

  • Move - Move one tile in any direction
  • Jump - Jump over a tile in any direction
  • Charge - Charge in any direction until you hit something

Attack Cards (Red)

  • Stab - Point your sword in any direction
  • Thrust - Hit the tile in front of your sword, and return to your original position
  • Spin - Hit all adjacent tiles

Utility Cards (Yellow)

  • Idle - Stay stationary for a turn
  • Swap - Swap positions with any enemy over land
  • Rewind - Rewind your last played card

There are 50 levels, so don't feel like you have to beat all of them. The game also auto-saves, so you can continue where you left off.

Here's the itch.io link: https://alanxoc3.itch.io/stabby-crabby

alanxoc3 did the code (me).
greatcadet did the sfx/gfx (this guy: https://www.instagram.com/cadendrawsstuff/).

P#113140 2022-06-14 04:56 ( Edited 2022-06-16 15:37)


The game is very good but it is also very boring papu.

P#113703 2022-06-27 01:52

Very cool. I think the core of this game is rock-solid, but maybe the card distribution needs some fine tuning. I frequently found myself out of attack cards, and just hopping around until i got a stab or spin card. Maybe you could have "idle" as a permanent option, and doing so draws two cards? This probably throws a wrench into the code though.

I love the idea here - would love to see it fleshed out. Also, looks and sounds great - very professional. Well done.

P#114453 2022-07-17 14:04

Thanks for sharing— played 13 levels and enjoyed the mini puzzle nature of it.
I like how moving with the sword extended and dragging the sword through an enemy I passed still defeated it— didn’t know if that would work. And enjoyed the different enemy behaviors that showed up.

If you want input— I feel like even having the total # of levels (eg Level 13/50) in the game or some other mini award / animation every 10 levels would give me more of a feeling of progression (I started the game without reading the whole post…)

P#114488 2022-07-17 22:51

Turn-based combat with cards ! What's not to love ? Definitely digging these thinker toys and games. Thank you, @alanxoc3.

Gold star all the way !

P#115070 2022-07-31 18:03

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