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Cart #simon_says_v1-0 | 2023-02-02 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA
Simple little game made in a couple of days as a mini project. Use the arrow keys to mimic the pattern - challenge yourself with four different difficulty settings, or see how far you can go in endless mode.

You can change the speed in the options menu if you find the default speed too fast or slow. You can also turn off the multicoloured text animations if you want.

Technically my first finished and submitted cart (I've got another one sitting that I'd consider my actual first cart, but I've still got some UI to finish in it). Also, apologies to those reading through the code - it's in one big lump, not super commented, and obviously far from perfect. This was just an impulsive little project I started a few days ago and I didn't fret over programming it in an optimised manner; there's definitely things that could be cleaned up if I were making something bigger where I'd be more inclined to put the effort in. But, hey, I finished it, and it works. So enjoy :)

P#125201 2023-02-02 20:45 ( Edited 2023-02-02 20:48)

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