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Hi everyone,

I have enhanced the Pico-8 cheat sheet based on the PDF version.
I included more info which I find useful.
This version fits best on a 1080p screen (or closer aspect ratio),
while the pdf version fits best on an A4/letter size paper.

revision: PICO-8 0.1.11g (rev:M)
fixed: shl, shr, for loops, character limit
added: p/enter, folder, mkdir, peek4, poke4, lshr, ceil, shrink code category, coroutine category, indent selection, cartdata category
enhanced: colors for visual clarity, screen coordinate, rearrange layout
removed: dark theme

revision v0.9.7: (PICO-8 version 1.11d)
fix: fullscreen shortcut: alt enter/F11

revision v0.9.6: (PICO-8 version 1.11d)
added: import, export, !=, tostr(), tonum()
modified: sfx(), fullscreen shortcut
enhanced: dark theme, music keyboard layout

revision v0.9.5: (PICO-8 version 1.10c)
Commandline: shutdown, reboot
Sprites: sget, sset
Loops: repeat, while
RAM memory layout and manipulation
Sprite flag: fget, fset
Screen: color
String manipulation: length, sub, cast, concatenation
PICO 8 manual link: https://www.lexaloffle.com/pico-8.php?page=manual
Rearranged more important stuff to the side, less important at the center
Made cheat sheet bottom taskbar proof when set as wallpaper
Rearranged Math by category for easier lookup
Changed colors on graphics for better clarity

revision v0.9.4:
added elseif

revision v0.9.3:
pal() to change palette color
palt() to change transparent color

revision v0.9.2:
add url to https://neko250.github.io/pico8-api/

revision v0.9.1:
fixed a typo on table literals

This is how I normally use this cheatsheet:

  1. set as wallpaper
  2. PICO-8 in window mode
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