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Hi everyone,

I have enhanced the Pico-8 cheat sheet based on the PDF version.
I included more info which I find useful.
This version fits best on a 1080p screen (or closer aspect ratio),
while the pdf version fits best on an A4/letter size paper.

revision v0.9.1:
fixed a typo on table literals

revision v0.9.2:
add url to https://neko250.github.io/pico8-api/

revision v0.9.3:
pal() to change palette color
palt() to change transparent color

revision v0.9.4:
added elseif

revision v0.9.5:
Commandline: shutdown, reboot
Sprites: sget, sset
Loops: repeat, while
RAM memory layout and manipulation
Sprite flag: fget, fset
Screen: color
String manipulation: length, sub, cast, concatenation
PICO 8 manual link: https://www.lexaloffle.com/pico-8.php?page=manual
Rearranged more important stuff to the side, less important at the center
Made cheat sheet bottom taskbar proof when set as wallpaper
Rearranged Math by category for easier lookup
Changed colors on graphics for better clarity

This is how I normally use this cheatsheet:

  1. set as wallpaper
  2. PICO-8 in window mode
cheatsheet pico-8
P#33402 2016-12-12 11:41


Good stuff - thanks for creating this! :D

P#33423 2016-12-13 00:42


Very Useful, especially the math stuff!

P#33451 2016-12-13 12:33


A big thanks, and it's nice ! :)

P#33470 2016-12-13 20:45


Glad that you guys love this. ❤

Someday, someone will make the manual interactive.

P#33483 2016-12-14 09:19


Hi LightBWK, if you happen to make another version of this, it would be super helpful to have the memory map in there as well. I seem to always have the manual scrolled to that page.

Awesome doc!

P#38922 2017-03-31 16:33


It has been so long, I used to have "cheat sheets" I think may have come with some old compilers (software in boxes was so long ago!). Or maybe from some books? (books in stores at malls was so long ago!)

I've been trying to force feed pico-8.txt to my kids "look at the text, spend some time reading the text" but this is what they really need! I'm going to run it off on A4 and laminate it at Kinkos! hehehe great work and thanks very kindly!

P#38941 2017-03-31 22:10


cool. ty!

P#38945 2017-03-31 22:26


The cheatsheet is updated again. Yay!

Cool suggestion, which part of that that you think would be nice to add? ram layout or memory manipulation, can only add few more since space is limited

edit: I fit both in for v 0.9.5 :D

Don't print it yet, I'm still adding more stuff today and tomorrow. But making it a desktop wallpaper is highly recommended.

P#38973 2017-04-01 07:48

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