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Controls are:
Up to speed up
Down to slow down
Left to rotate left
Right to rotate right
X to fire
Z to auto-land
Don't kill the cow!
Blue with pink wings are allies, while Pink with blue wings are enemies.
You have limited ammo, so you need to land to refill and get your HP up.
All weapons can only hit enemies, no friendly fire. This includes bombs from bombers.

Please report any bugs or tweaks I need to fix/incorporate.

Credit goes to the Sopwith team for their amazing and still fun game I love and play, Bombsight Games, witch I also love to play their Pocket Squadron game as a bomber(I can hit multiple enemy planes with one bomb!) and my brother Finn, who redrew the menu art.

P.S. you can install Sopwith on most Linux machines by running:
sudo apt-get install sopwith
and the PocketSquadron Website:

sopwith shooter classic airplane wwi
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