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Cart #pico_1k_jam_2023-0 | 2023-09-01 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

PICO-1K Jam 2023

The 3rd annual PICO-8 1K Jam (#Pico1k) has now started! đŸĨŗ
🌐 https://itch.io/jam/pico-1k-2023

You have until the end of September to make cool things in PICO-8
...by using only 1K (1024) Compressed Bytes of code 🗜ī¸

No pre-defined Sprites, Maps, SFX or Music data allowed.
ALL content must be created using code.

It can be a:
🕹ī¸ Game
🎞ī¸ Demo (Animated or Interactive)
🛠ī¸ Tool or Utility
...whatever you can fit within 1KB, basically!

It's a relaxed, non-competitive jam, running for a whole month.

Please refer to the PICO-1K Jam page for Rules, FAQ & Resources & more info.

P#133836 2023-09-01 17:57


Yippee! I've always wanted to join a game jam! Count me in!

P#134097 2023-09-09 16:24

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