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Cart #parumahpipoop-0 | 2020-07-02 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

You are Kung Poo Fighter, who is trying to avoid being hit by the flying and bouncing bog rolls.

You simply have to avoid being hit by the toilet rolls, amassing the highest score you can by surviving as long as you can from being struck by a turd threatening roll of tissue.

This is yet another a simple casual high-score chase game that gets progressively harder the longer you play it.

The original game was created by myself for the Commodore 64 as an entry for the
RESET C64 4KB Craptastic Compo 2020.

This is a competition for creating a 'crap' game in 4 kilobytes or less (compressed file size).

Code and graphics in this PICO-8 version by yours truly, Roysterini of MEGASTYLE.

The splendid music and sfx were created by Chris Donnelly ( @gruber_music ).

The PICO-8 music was based on the music created for the C64 game by

Roy Widding (also of MEGASTYLE - aka Rotteroy)

Z - Start game / Flip player on the X (optional)
X - Info scroller with credits and stuff.
Arrow keys - Change play stance/defence position.

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Hello, I did post this up at the end of 2017, but decided to remove it partly due to imposter syndrome and partly because it just didn't work too well under iOS.

Anyway, I've had a change of heart and have decided to put this up again.

Thanks to Vanja and Andreas of Pond software for allowing me to make and share this Pico-8 interpretation of their 8-bit C64 game. (Find it here: http://http://pondsoft.uk/splorf.html )

Also, a special mention must go to Paul Nicholas ( @Liquidream), who helped me solve some nasty bugs, Chris Donnelly (@gruber_music) for the awesome music/sound, Morgan McGuire (@casualeffects) who supplied me with some great particle code to play with. Also Justin Ray (@designinvan) and Urban Monk.

I hope some of you enjoy this simple little highscore chaser game.


X - to thrust or start game.
Z - for credits, story and info. (on title screen).

That's it.



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Another noob question.

I see Aseprite has a pico-8 palette option and is quite cool for pixelling/animating. Is there a method to get the gfx data from Aseprite to Pico-8 cleanly?

I'm doing a port of a C64 game called Spaceman Splorf: Planet of Doom and would like to be able to not HAVE to do the animation natively.



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Has anyone achieved accurate sprite to sprite collision with Pico-8? I know I can use the overlapping bounding box method, but I'd like to be able to check on a pixel perfect level to see if a sprite touches another sprite.

Is this doable, without getting too convoluted? Or should I just stick with bounds (maybe multiple bounds for extra resolution) ??

Oh, I'm new to Pico-8, so bear with me. I usually tinker with C64 retro coding (which has hardware sprite collision detection).

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