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Another noob question.

I see Aseprite has a pico-8 palette option and is quite cool for pixelling/animating. Is there a method to get the gfx data from Aseprite to Pico-8 cleanly?

I'm doing a port of a C64 game called Spaceman Splorf: Planet of Doom and would like to be able to not HAVE to do the animation natively.



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Yup! You can use IMPORT("filename.png") to import graphics to the spritesheet, from your carts folder.

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Wow! Well, that's easy, init!

Thanks Solar!

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And doing "export spritesheet.png" will dump the Pico-8 cart's spritesheet into a PNG.

I use PyxelEdit but still do a lot of importing & exporting of sheets (not latex).

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