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All rightey. Missing music and some sounds but I'm good calling this finished.

Original post:
Still need to add gamey things like life, combo level, money and a store. I'm quite positive I won't actually finish this! But it was fun to procrastinate doing this instead of working.

I might make the game a little easier by removing the lower set of holes. Right now, even with a very low spawn rate I find it very hard to coordinate myself.

My "inspiration" (not to call it blatant ripoff) is not directly from plain whack-a-mole but from another game called Tontie by Eyemaze. It's a 2004 game from that era where flash games were all the rage. You can still play it online here. I really like this one. I owe my numeric keypad dexterity entirely to this game lol.

I won't copy it completely though. Mostly because I don't want levels or bosses. But a store and money are feasible. The ultimate goal is just survive as long as possible and make as many points as possible. Not super exciting but feasible for a quick procrastination project.

Anyway, let me know what you guys thing! =)

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Decided to make a very quick game. So there it is. Made in two hours, unimaginative and boring. Absolutely horrible code, but apparently without bugs (I hope).

So test your memory on SUPER DUPER SIMON!

There are still things I'm trying to understand about Pico8, also I'm not used to define low level stuff myself. I find these small projects help me.

edit: updated with a bug fix

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Hi all

I made this just to get acquainted with Pico 8. It's a 2D gravitation simulation in a closed domain (the planets bounce off the walls). You can add planets, toggle lines and watch trajectories.

Fun fact: for 2 dimensions, the power law of gravity is actually 1/r. So you won't see closed orbits even with only two bodies.

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