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 It's been a while since I used this blog but I'm recording a brief log of my PICO-8 experiences so far. I've enjoyed using the app immensely, and I honestly think my 2-player hockey game, Spaceball, was my most successful project in game development so far. This is primarily because it's one of the first projects I've written which truly feels "complete" and the end user can just jump in and try it. This is due in part to PICO-8's convenient workflow and also to due to my growing experience as a developer in general.
 I just started a class on the Unity 3D engine and game dev in general so I will probably be focusing a lot of energy on Unity and Maya, so I won't be doing much PICO-8 or other engines for a while (although I may use PICO-8 in a game-jam that's coming up soon). I may, however, push one or two minor updates for Spaceball, for some minor gameplay balancing and to fix that memory leak.

Time to go make a whole lot of 3D stuff.

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I was thinking about how one might make an interesting game involving ferrying passengers across a river. Then I got sidetracked by making imagery inspired by the ferry across the river Styx and the little fog lamp... This is kind of unusual for me, just posting a non-game cartridge, but I like how the clouds came out.

I might still make the ferry game, but I don't know if it will be about Styx or the underworld. I have quite a few ideas though, mostly involving crowded passengers and monster attacks.

TL;DR : It's an art cartridge, this is all it does, I might make a game out of it later.

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A weird effect I created by attempting to plug the last the equation from THIS VIDEO:

I had to make a workaround to prevent the square-root-of-zero bug from making PICO-8 freeze.

DISCLAIMER: I have little or no understanding of the math behind this, I just threw it together and chanced upon a cool swirly pattern. Yay me.

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This is my entry for the LD33 Compo so I can't update it after the time is up. I'll make a new thread for future versions after the Compo is done.

EDIT: tiny little graphical tweak for when people are sneaking past the dragon. :P
EDIT2: Music changed. Loneship logo added.
EDIT3: Added +1 popups and fixed music!
EDIT4: Fixed music again, updated walls backdrop.
EDIT5: Made a sweet logo. Changed a sound effect.

ld33 jam compo game
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I thought I'd make a short log of what I'm working on at the moment and my thoughts on the lovely PICO-8. First, let me say that since I work with Love2D I like being able to use Lua. I'm working on code for pixel-perfect collisions because I can make shaped sprites and perhaps get better use of real-estate. That is, I can make more complex levels in a smaller screen space. The dream is a simple metroid-style game with items to find.

Unfortunately Pico-8's implementation currently still has a few small bugs. Actually, scratch that, there's no such thing as a small bug in a code editor when that bug could prevent a perfectly good game from compiling and running. That said, I've had fun making my little game but I think I'm going to take a break from PICO-8 and go back to my other project(s). I've been having a ball with Love2D's physics engine and I've got to get back to that. I'm not leaving PICO-8, I'm just waiting for an update.

Also, the code limit makes me sad. I really like this one PICO-8 game, Tempest, and I hope the author will figure out how to fit in everything they want, but it sounds like they're still cutting it close to the eight-thousand-something tokens. We'll see what happens soon enough.

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A result of me playing with the CAMERA as a function of time, and an nod to Vlambeer.

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I just found out about PICO-8 yesterday and spent last afternoon and this morning learning about it and making this simple game! I already knew enough Lua to figure it out pretty quick. I might make an update with sound and/or particle effects and I might also just make a whole new game, not sure yet! Anywho, it's a 2-player TRON game you win by making your opponent crash into a trail or the side of the screen have fun!

All collisions (except the "Draw!" condition) are managed by simple color-detection.

To-Do list:
•Prevent players from instantly dying when making a U-turn by pressing 2 buttons at the same time.
Add basic sound FX, countdown, crash sounds

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