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 It's been a while since I used this blog but I'm recording a brief log of my PICO-8 experiences so far. I've enjoyed using the app immensely, and I honestly think my 2-player hockey game, Spaceball, was my most successful project in game development so far. This is primarily because it's one of the first projects I've written which truly feels "complete" and the end user can just jump in and try it. This is due in part to PICO-8's convenient workflow and also to due to my growing experience as a developer in general.
 I just started a class on the Unity 3D engine and game dev in general so I will probably be focusing a lot of energy on Unity and Maya, so I won't be doing much PICO-8 or other engines for a while (although I may use PICO-8 in a game-jam that's coming up soon). I may, however, push one or two minor updates for Spaceball, for some minor gameplay balancing and to fix that memory leak.

Time to go make a whole lot of 3D stuff.

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