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I thought I'd make a short log of what I'm working on at the moment and my thoughts on the lovely PICO-8. First, let me say that since I work with Love2D I like being able to use Lua. I'm working on code for pixel-perfect collisions because I can make shaped sprites and perhaps get better use of real-estate. That is, I can make more complex levels in a smaller screen space. The dream is a simple metroid-style game with items to find.

Unfortunately Pico-8's implementation currently still has a few small bugs. Actually, scratch that, there's no such thing as a small bug in a code editor when that bug could prevent a perfectly good game from compiling and running. That said, I've had fun making my little game but I think I'm going to take a break from PICO-8 and go back to my other project(s). I've been having a ball with Love2D's physics engine and I've got to get back to that. I'm not leaving PICO-8, I'm just waiting for an update.

Also, the code limit makes me sad. I really like this one PICO-8 game, Tempest, and I hope the author will figure out how to fit in everything they want, but it sounds like they're still cutting it close to the eight-thousand-something tokens. We'll see what happens soon enough.

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