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Cart #jack_and_casie_demake-0 | 2024-01-26 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Jack and Casie Demake

Also available at itch.io.


  • Left mouse button: Pick up/Put down item
  • Middle mouse button: Flip item
  • Right mouse button: Rotate item
  • The pause/info button lets you inspect items in your inventory while the game is paused
  • The fast forward button lets you go double speed

How to play

You are a robot with a huge inventory space, helping Casie with travels accross a post-apocalyptic wasteland. This is a mouse controlled real-time inventory management game, think of it as Attache Case from Resident Evil but things are happening at the same time as you're trying organize it.

During the game play a conveyor belt is fed with scraps, weapons, food and other assorted items. Combine objects and see what happens.

Occasionally enemies appear in front of Jack and Casie which need to be defeated in order to progress. When Casie's progress bar is complete she will grab the item marked "NEXT" which will be the first item in the inventory from the top left corner. If the "NEXT" item is a loaded weapon, she will use it. If it is a food item, she'll eat it. Casie will gain +1 MAX HP when eating new food items.

Complete the first level to finish this demo. Good luck!


Original game by Alex Sian aka. Shoutscion. They unfortunately passed away in January 2024 and their family has put up a Gofundme memorial.

P#140665 2024-01-26 20:20 ( Edited 2024-01-26 20:44)

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Cart #suika_demake-9 | 2023-10-29 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Everyone's favorite Watermelon Game for PICO-8.

How to Play

Drop fruits and merge fruits that are alike.

Now try to get the watermelon and get a higher score than your friends.

Good luck!


Based on Suika Game by Aladdin X
Physics by jamesedge
Sprite rotation by TheRoboZ
Music tracked with help of this video by ピノピノ- Pinopino

Also available on itch.io and Newgrounds.


  • 2023-10-29 - Updated music, wiki texts, and fruit graphics. Added a more performant and accurate circle collision for the fruit, tweaked physics to not launch the fruit into the stratosphere (most of the time) and shouldn't sleep when dropping (crossing fingers).
  • 2023-10-26 - Added music, game over screen now properly goes to intro, tweaked drop sound effect
  • 2023-10-19 - Tweaked physics, bag for next fruits implemented, added persimon in the drop bag
  • 2023-10-18 - Fixed cantaloupe melon merge to water melon, tweaked physics more and bumping up friction
  • 2023-10-18 - Added wiki, moved debug to menu, tweaked physics, fruit that exited the box on game over is now highlighted
P#136042 2023-10-17 21:14 ( Edited 2023-10-31 13:11)

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Cart #spoikemines-4 | 2022-12-27 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Yet Another Bombsweeper

The objective of the game is to clear the board of bombs, much like the classic minesweeper.

You may use either the d-pad or mouse to control the pointer.

Click on a tile or (X) to reveal it. If the revealed tile was hiding a bomb, you'll explode. If the revealed tile has a number it indicates how many bombs are in adjacent tiles.

Right click or (O) to flag/unflag a tile.

Click on a numbered tile to attempt a chord. A chord opens or flags tiles around the selected one depending on how many bombs are in adjacent tiles versus revealed tiles.

Game options (RETURN or pause button) includes:

  • Chord toggles for auto reveal and auto flagging.

Good luck not exploding!

P#119970 2022-11-01 21:12 ( Edited 2022-12-27 10:03)

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Cart #guncho-3 | 2022-07-23 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Also available on itch.io.

Howdy, gunslinger!

Bandits are taking over the town and you're the only gunslinger around that can stop them. Battle through 5 bandit camps in this turn based rogue-like western to win the lucrative bounty or die trying.

How to play

This game uses gamepad and keyboard controls and involves rotating with left and right buttons. The player may take the following actions on their turn:

  • Move - Select and move to a free tile
  • Revolver - Aim at a direction and shoot at a target or reload bullet
  • Punch - Select a target next to you and push it
  • Sprint - Perform two move actions
  • Bullet Hail - Unload all bullets and reload all bullets

Note that the revolver will turn clock-wise or counter-clockwise when moving or shooting.


  • Do keep in mind that explosives also push objects around. So keep away from traps and other bandidos so they don't get in your way.
  • It is not only the trapper guy who can push stuff. You are also able to push his traps.
  • Once you reach the last camp, do keep in mind that the boss man takes two actions per turn.


Thanks for the following gringos for testing an early version in the game and finding some bugs for me: Louie Chapman, Andreas Håkansson, Monster Masherang, Freds72.

This game is a PICO-8 version of Guncho, a 7DRL gamejam game. The original is made by Arnold Rauers and Terri Vellman.



  • UI: Show an arrow for the selected action's rotation direction
  • UI: Added a bouncing arrow/chevron above what is targeted by the gun
  • FIX: Player's selected aim was messed up after being pushed by explosives


  • AI: Gun men now shoot TNT barrels if you're next to one
  • FEATURE: Punching bandits now stun them for a turn
  • FEATURE: Bullet hail now breaks wooden fences
  • FEATURE: Player and bandits behind brick walls will now protect them from explosions (the wall will however be destroyed)
  • GFX: Added background clutter
  • GFX: Tweaked sapper and trapper sprites so they are more different from each other
  • UI: Revolver actions are now properly labeled fire/reload depending on state of chamber.
  • GFX/UI: Dynamite sticks now have a particle fizz on last turn before it blows up
  • MUSIC: Added Bonanza as victory tune


  • FIX: Using the first sprint action on an invalid space doesn't disable action selection anymore.
  • FEATURE: Added a much requested action: "wait/sleep". It lets the player stand and wait for a turn.
  • FEATURE: You can now select actions during the game without opening the actions menu with up/down buttons.
  • UI: Icon for the selected action is now always shown in the middle of the revolver graphic.
P#114060 2022-07-08 07:48 ( Edited 2022-07-23 08:39)

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Cart #picokaiju-9 | 2022-01-20 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License


You are one big monster with a thirst for destruction. This quick turn-based roguelike PICO-8 game is all about stomping, smashing, grabbing, and chomping your way through a procedurally generated hapless city and its tiny citizens.

Also available at itch.io


  • D-pad (arrow keys), move the Kaiju by one tile
  • O button (Z, N, C), ROAR
  • X button (X, M, V), Open abilities menu

The mobs will move once you perform an action (movement, roars and abilities).

Score tracker at the bottom right shows "current points"/"points until next powerup".


Mobs have a chance to spawn every other turn (except for civilians) and the max count is based on your kaiju's destruction.

  • Civilians
    Spawn every turn. Scared and immobile protein shakes.
  • Cop Car
    Deals 1 DMG. Range 1 tile in all 8 directions. Protein shake in a can.
  • Copter
    Same as Cop Car but flies over buildings except for tall ones.
  • Tank
    Deals 2 DMG. Range 5 tiles and shoots only in cardinal directions (Up, Left, Down, Right).
  • Mad Scientist (UFO)
    Same as Copter but also adds 1 Poison DMG per turn. There is no antidote.


  • To regain energy, first select GRAB in the abilities menu and select a mob to grab, then select CHOMP in the abilities menu to eat the mob.
  • To regain health, use the ROAR button.
  • Points are multiplied by a combo meter. Combo increases if you do several destructions in a row and resets on no destruction. CHOMP will also increase the combo meter.
  • All mobs may be grabbed and walked on. Even the helicopters and the mysterious mad scientist.
P#103706 2021-12-29 00:33 ( Edited 2022-01-20 12:10)

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A little demo of a water sprite, inspired heavily by 7DRL game A Root Path. I wanted to see if I can replicate the art style and add some little glowy lightning effects to it.

Cart #water_sprite_demo-0 | 2021-03-29 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

P#89729 2021-03-29 20:48

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Cart #rymdhulken-2 | 2021-02-13 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Available at itch.io https://spoike.itch.io/rymdhulken

Releasing my first PICO-8 game, a little tactical rogue like with some aliens. I've started to run low on tokens and am taking a little break from tinkering with it to get some feedback.

The game is inspired by a bunch of games (like Space Hulk, Cannon Fodder and XCOM). It is largely based on Space Marines by Adam Alexander who made it for 7DRL 2020. Many thanks to the Roguelike tutorial Youtube series by LazyDevs that guided me into writing this game.


Hope y'all like it.

P#80241 2020-08-02 09:28 ( Edited 2021-02-13 22:38)