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Cart #linecook-3 | 2023-10-30 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

these busy birds will eat almost anything that falls into their gullet -- what will you feed them? they have their preferences, but people food beats bird food any day of the week!

a difficult, chaotic arcade game. now with local multiplayer support! also available on itch.


  • left / right: move
  • x / up: grab
  • ESDF: movement keys for player 2


  • 4 difficulty modes: "easy", medium, hard, and practice
  • 3 different control schemes:
    • solo
    • local multiplayer
    • two-handed singleplayer
  • 4 challenging maps for 4 different flavors of gameplay

Recommended play order

The game modes combine into a whole mess of different options; here's a recommended playthrough order:

  1. Play through practice mode
  2. Check out the recipe book if you want to see the recipes
  4. Try COOKS:2 MAP:NEST LEVEL:EASY -- play with one hand on the arrow keys and one hand on ESDF
  5. Try each of the 4 maps with whichever COOKS and LEVEL settings you prefer
  6. Try to beat MAP:CANON LEVEL:MEDIUM !


this was made for the #ChainLetterJam! Patrick nominated me; I had fun playing Arithmetic Bounce (my high score on hard mode is 24), so I decided to try making a game that would feel similarly chaotic.

I took inspiration from the fact that none of the target numbers in Arithmetic Bounce were inherently good or bad; their value changed depending on the current goal. This became the ingredient/recipe idea in linecook: specific ingredients are sometimes good and sometimes bad, depending on the current recipe. I also liked the chaos and time pressure caused by gravity in Arithmetic Bounce; I've gone for a slightly different but still chaotic spin by giving the player two grabber-claws that are tricky to aim.

the continuation of this chain is: https://tallywinkle.itch.io/the-witchs-almanac


I wrote about this game's design here. tl;dr: if you allow your game systems to play out as physical processes in the game world, there's more opportunity for surprising interactions

hope you enjoy it!

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what a nice writeup of the design process!

P#112211 2022-05-24 09:08

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