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Feathered Escape

Soar to freedom in Feathered Escape, a platformer where you, as a trapped bird, navigate challenging environments, overcoming obstacles and adversaries to reclaim the open skies.


  • ⬅️ and ➡️ to move left or right.
  • ⬆️ to execute a wall or ceiling run.
  • ⬇️ to descend without sliding on a platform.
  • [X] or [Z] to jump.


  • A+: Complete in 4 or fewer minutes, collecting all the fruits, and with 0 deaths.
  • A: Complete in 5 or fewer minutes, collecting all the fruits.
  • B: Complete in 15 or fewer minutes.
  • C: Complete in 20 or fewer minutes.
  • D: Complete in 30 or fewer minutes.
  • F: Complete in more than 30 minutes.
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Best score so far by @skarrmann (spoiler alert)


If you'd rather tackle the moves on your own, feel free to skip this section.

Variable Jump Height

Control your jump height by adjusting the duration of the jump button press.

Ceiling Run

Execute a short run on the ceiling by holding the UP button. The character will cling for a brief period before descending.

Ceiling Boost

Boost your speed by initiating a ceiling run and promptly ending it with a tap on the jump button.

Ceiling Corner Boost

Speed boost by performing a ceiling run on a single block or close to the corner of one.

Wall Sling Jump

Pushing against the wall and holding the jump button will create an arc allowing you to jump over obsticles.

Wall Jump Over Obsticles

While wall running, push against the wall and hold the jump button to jump over obstacles.

Air Control

Leverage exceptional air control, allowing swift changes in direction or sudden midair stops. Make the most of it!

Hop Over Blocks

Moving will enable you to effortlessly hop over gaps.



  • Introduced the "play level" option.


  • Initial release
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Cart #bas-8 | 2023-12-09 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Birds and Saws

Experience a nostalgic throwback with this Pico-8 demake of my classic iOS game. Dive into the retro charm and challenge yourself as you guide a bird, skillfully avoiding menacing circular saws to rack up high scores.

Check out the project on GitHub.


Blades ascending from below prompt the player to move upward swiftly, requiring nimble maneuvers to avoid a perilous demise.

  • You can initiate a new jump without having to wait for the current one to land.
  • The lower blades progressively increase in speed over time.
  • The saws' velocity is limited, reaching a challenging top speed that demands swift maneuvers to escape.


  • ⬅️ or [Z] to jump left
  • ➡️ or [x] to jump right

Version History


  • Fix bug causing the game over screen to flash red.


  • Adjusted initial blade speed and speed progression
  • Increased player jump speed
  • Smoother camera tracking


  • Initial release
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