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Spin a web, eat bugs, earn points, and have fun!

8 Legs to Love is separated into six levels of just over two minutes each. The goal of each level is to spin an elaborate web and use it to catch bugs. Each level poses a different challenge for building and maintaining a web, and introduces new and exotic types of bugs. Complete a playthrough and work towards a personal high score! Or just have good time, there's no pressure.

Arrow keys - move
Hold Z - spin web
--> then Tap Z - place web

Fly (blue) - the most basic of bugs, +10 points
Happyfly (pink) - a bug that's having a good day, +20 points
Beetle (red) - chews through web, +30 points
Hornet (yellow) - will sting you unless you catch it first, +40 points
Firefly (orange) - explodes if left uneaten, +50 points
Dragonfly (green) - will shoot fireballs when caught, +50 points
Butterfly (rainbow) - a rare sight, +100 points

Check out more of my schtuff at twitter.com/bridgs_dev or brid.gs

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