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Has anyone tried pico8 (or any retro gaming stuff) via a pico projector? I was thinking about those low res (720p-) you can get for cheap ; maybe led powered? I have no idea, never owned a projector.

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Hey guys,

I wrote a bash script to download/ rename carts from the bbs,

you can download a single thread, or the whole index (50 carts per page), you can also dump carts from your favorite section.

The script rename the cart to include metadata, the downloaded PNGs looks like that:


the name is arranged with the following structure, uou can easily customize it in the script:


So it runs on linux/bash, it might work under windows 10 bash (?), not sure i never tried the OS ; tell me :]

I'm not a bash expert, it just works :) if you have suggestion or tips, i will gladly read your comments!

link: https://github.com/kikookoubis/pico-8-carts-bash-downloader

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