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Always Under Construction...
Torrent Lover
Music Maniac
Movie Stalker
TV Freak
macOS Obsessed
iOS Slave
Microboard Addict
Retro Game Hooked
Cloud FCKR
Tech ♥️


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Nguyên lý bơm định lượng hóa chất có nhiều điều cần lưu ý giúp kéo dài tuổi thọ bơm cũng như tăng hiệu quả sử dụng bơm.
Bơm định lượng hóa chất có thể tích lưu lượng thấp
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Chỉ sử dụng bơm định lượng hóa chất khi nhu cầu bơm áp suất cao, yêu cầu bơm kín, bơm các chất lỏng ăn mòn, mài mòn, chất lỏng đặc và siêu đặc…


I am a human. I play games. I am learning how to mke games


Husband - Father - #LeicesterTigers Fanatic #TigersFamily - Rubik's Cube Solver - Shmup Player - Retro Gamer - Tea Aficionado - Hobbyist PICO-8 Game Dev - Linux User (ZorinOS)


Full time videogames developer.


Pico-8 / Picotron fan account (<- Too incompetent to make anything meaningful with theses)


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I study physics, but I'm a game developer at heart.


Hobbyist. Tinkerer. Designer of tabletop and fantasy console games. Occasional musician.


I'm a GodotEngine and GameMaker enthusiast from the most populated island on earth, Java, Indonesia. Coffee is my staple fuel, and durian is my favourite fruit.



hi. I'm maboca. I have a youtube channel called Origami Academy and I hope that you can subscribe. that's me for now.




huge nerd

all pronouns


A student, programmer, and data science enthusiast, thriving at age of 15, on a quest for knowledge and growth.


Gamedev, I like Traditional Roguelike.


Software consultant channeling his inner 10 year old through Pico 8!


Just some duck who wandered in looking for bread crumbs. 3D Artist and Gamedev.
23 - She/Her




Illustrator, Art Director, Concept Artist, and sometimes Game Designer.


aka Reese Rivers


Engineer and maker of things.


I may not be into doing much here, but when I do, it'll always be favoriting or commenting.


I want to make a fun game using PICO-8!


I make things and make things do things


game programmer.. love coding and playing :)

check my game http://reopucino.com/game/


Veteran pixel artist from Ocean Software & Imagine Software


I learn Pico-8 by making game demakes


i like coding so i moved to pico-8 and I'm also on scratch. same username for scratch, just delete the _.


My name is Korange.
I make something sometimes.


I used to teach game programming, robotics, math, etc. Sometimes I make games.


i make games that kinda suck.


Trans plural system. We like games and programming, but suck at it.


I paint flora & fauna & Miyamoto Usagi fanart. Currently falling in love with pixel art & animation.


Hi! I'm a little mechanical kitty and I'm learning programming :3


Design generalist from lesser Europe.


Head of Code at game studio Fatshark; makers of high quality games like Vermintide and Darktide.


Technical artist and VR developer, periodically forsaking my headset for pixel art and chiptunes


Hey my name is Gunk and I like making small games occasionally!


Husband 💍 Father 👨‍👩‍👧 Open source advocate ❤️‍🔥 Linux enthusiast 🐧 Podcaster 🎙 Streamer 📡 Making Nix easier Determinate Systems ❄ Leads Ubuntu MATE 🧉


User Blerk - gamer, writer, retronaut, chiptune fan, professional moaner. Available for birthdays, weddings and bar mitzvahs. May contain nuts.


machine learning engineer by day, aspiring game dev by night


curriculum/game/web dev, pixel artist, coder, CS educator, retro gamer


I like programming in SmileBASIC, Lua, Rust, and more!


First "painted" and "coded" on a Commodore 64, then squeezed out one Amiga game (Rueda, a Wheel of Fortune clone) in 1992 at age 16. Now I make websites like any self-respecting 21st century human, but am dabbling in gamedev again.


i don´t think, therefore i ain't.

brought to you by the colour green, the number 3, and the prenasalised labialised voiced labiovelar stop /ᵑᵐg͡bʷ/


Windows Developer @Microsoft. Hobbyist Game Developer (in theory). My words are my own and not those of any affiliate or employer. He/him/they/them.


I make music and games.


I make carts. Primarily dice rollers and D&D tools. Yay!




🎨 pixel art · 🔉 chiptune · 👾 game dev · 🇵🇱 · he/him


Hi! I make games! I hope you play them!


Indie game developer, big fan of pixel art, programmer and supermassive game developer, founder o Pixel Limited Studio.


I make short games because I want you to go play outside!


show them why you were born and put a little mustard on it. hey mister! put a little mustard on that mustard! its showtime!


Scientist and digital artist. I just love the Pico-8, a lot.


I make chunky-funky pixels and games 👾


i draw stuff
but also I like nintendo and sega stuff.(mostly Mario,kirby and sonic.) Yahoo!


I develop software using Python, JavaScript, and many others. See my home page or find me on Twitter, itch.io, or GitHub.


I am a professional software engineer who secretly has no idea what he's doing.


I type stuff into computers to make them do cool things.


Making games, animations, and drawings.
My Newgrounds


Jank coder of the year for sure! Player of many things and maker of the Pico-Shorts blog series!


Hi, I'm Torsten (he/him) aka Donswelt and I'm an indie game developer from Germany.


Animation/Gamedev. Made a poor username choice 6 years ago


Professional slacker, wannabe game dev
Hello! I stream games/gamedev. You can find me at http://twitch.tv/remagamer, or https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSr5jOhUbWxHBMTw2Gmd1AQ/


new to pico-8 in 2020.


I don't post everything I did on Pico-8 here.

You can also check out my gallery too.


I like making retro games.


Dad; developer; tiny game creator.
The games are tiny. I'm an average-sized person.


Web developer and hobbyist game dev from Montreal!


Author of Oust, a cave-flying mash-up of my favourite games of the genre; PICO Space, a 2D space sim featuring small animals in space; Halloween Horrors; P8C-BUN; The Pico Mermaid and Demystifying the Christmas Tree.
WIP Dungeon Apprentice (a pico version of FTL's Dungeon Master which is proving a bit tricky...).
I toot, tweet and itch. Maybe one day I'll even steam.


Mid-Atlantic USian. Fan of autobiographical games, unusual game experiences, and heavily stylized graphics. (Also deckbuilders and roguelikes.) Queer, disabled, plural, autistic.


hi, I'm appak, or as people know me here, SandwichBlamwich.
I like celeste classic, and sometimes post (in my opinion) cool mods.
check out my website for more information on me, and more links, maybe.


Total amateur at this.


hi friends! i'm petra, and i make games in my free time. i also mod celeste!


You can find me @ ellugar.co


hi! here is some text for you to read.
some selected carts that I've uploaded here:

the tower

for more, see my itch page or my website


I make small indie games and art on my free time. Currently a software engineer at #bosch.


Author of Downstream Dream, Star Trek: Killer Q'egh, and TMNT: Shredder's PREvenge OST. Sound designer/programmer for Demi Daggers. Currently making poppy little dance tunes.


Idiot-in-chief at extarscube.com


I like penguins, and sometimes make games.


There's nobody else like me. I checked.


Long time hobby game developer, Hot Wheels racer and wrestling smark



I'm a prematurely-retired professional video game programmer. I have some health problems that ruin my concentration and keep me from doing the kind of programming people will pay you for. PICO-8 is really nice for me, because the limited scope of the platform tends to keep the scope of problems and solutions limited enough for my limited concentration to cope with. I don't think I'll ever manage to produce a game for PICO-8, but it sure is fun just to play with.

(If I've just handed you some ideas or advice, probably for the fifth time this week, and you're getting sick of my doing that, then I have a couple of things I should say: first of all, you should let me know, because I know unwelcome advice is annoying and I don't want to be annoying; but also, second, try not to be too irritated with me, because giving advice is the only way I still feel like I can be a productive member of the video game developer community. I mean well, I swear.)

Oh, and about the avatar... once upon a time, I chose a nice little image of Miku in glasses for my avatar, purely because it struck me as adorable. However, I kept it because I discovered it helped to identify and keep away those useless people who would judge a book by its cover. This is that avatar, but hand-pixeled into low-res, pico-8 palette format.


Game Developer @ Snoozy Kazoo

I also make a lot of solo projects you can find on itch, newgrounds, and various other places :)


Hi! I'm cubee.

Self-taught game dev, amateur artist, and low-poly 3D modeller.

If you would like to support me, many of my games are available over on itch.io: https://pixelshock.itch.io/

Or, my website: https://cubee.games/


Having fun in Pico 8. Making prototypes in Unity. Working as engine programmer at Dontnod.
@[email protected]
Itch.io page


.NET Dev by day | IndieDev by night (#Pico8) | Made: UnDUNE IILow Mem SkySCUMM-8 | Avatar by KenneyNL | He/Him


you found my profile! as a reward for visiting, you may look at the paragraph below...

through a patented process, I have determined with 99% accuracy that these two carts which I have pinned are the two best dog-themed games on the BBS:


Old enough to have known the golden age of Amstrad and Amiga ;)
Still own a few Tilt and Joystick magazine (yeah, I am french).
Professional software architect, hobbyist gamedev.

Game & experiments repo: https://github.com/freds72

Twitter account: https://twitter.com/FSouchu


Hi there,
I make stuff!

Check out my twitter (@johanpeitz) to see the latest!

Don't be afraid to say hi,
<3 Johan


Making fantasy consoles (Voxatron, PICO-8 and Picotron) and trying to make my way back to userland.