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Escort Quest
by bearpit
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Cart #escortquest-1 | 2024-01-14 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

A game I made for New Year, New Skills Game Jam.

It's my first game, thanks for playing :)


  • Left/Right arrow keys: Movement
  • Up arrow key: Jump
  • X: Use item
  • Z: Cycle items
  • P: Pause menu


  • Don't forget to dash!
  • You can pick up items to reposition them
  • The cannon can be flipped around by prodding it
  • You can restart the current level by running into a trap or from the pause menu
  • All levels can be unlocked from the pause menu if you want to skip some


Escort NPCs through often perilous levels, through snow and ice, outer space and beyond! And then try to do it faster.

About the Game

Made for the New Year, New Skills Game Jam by Bitter Sails Games. The current version is the gamejam version. If you liked the game, please comment and it will encourage me to continue working on it!


Thanks to Lazy Devs Academy for their awesome Pico-8 tutorials

Thanks for playing the game! :)

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