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While starting work on my little deflektor project I decided to have classic 7 segment led style numbers, my first iteration (the one currently in the game...) is based on sprites but I wanted something a bit more versatile. This is a basic line drawing small library to handle 7 segment led like any digit length display. It should be fairly easy to define a text set and draw 7 segment text desplays (just need a table with the segment mapping for every letter and put up a wrapping function that receives a text and not a number)

It supports background displaying of segments ("off" segments), color configuration and segment width configuration. The cart includes the library and a very basic demo on what it can do

I might be working on reducing token size a bit (library itself is around 300 tokens) and I think there's some salvageable space there, but don't count on it for now

Hope it helps someone out needing a 7 segment style display

Cart [#led7segment-0#] | Code | 2019-08-14 | No License | Embed

P#66679 2019-08-14 18:49

I've invested some time working on a demake for one of my favourite games from the 8-bit era, Deflektor (by Costa Panayi). It's still very crude but I think it's starting to resemble something like a game...

Cart [#deflektor-4#] | Code | 2019-08-17 | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA | Embed

Still early and not really playable...


  • Optical fiber interaction
  • Laser grid scatter interaction
  • Level can be completed
  • Interaction with the receiver (connected status to end level)
  • Removed displaying laser point debugging
  • FIXED metal wall reflexion failing for some situations


  • Basic intro page
  • Beam generation and reflection
  • Player movement
  • Mirror interaction and auto-rotation
  • Beam interaction with mirrors, walls, mines and pods
  • Full HUD control
  • Crude live / energy / overload management
  • Scoring
  • Hardcoded level mapping


  • All sound effects
  • Intro music
  • Leveldata loading (intention is having it compressed in the MAP area outside the working level map)
  • Level editor to create / save level data
  • Tutorials for the intro screen
  • Minor effects (i.e. laser charge or mirror color change)
  • Implement gremlins (enemies)
  • Messaging (dialogs, etc)
  • Remove a lot of debugging / tracing and dead code
  • MASSIVE code cleanup and namespace reorganization
P#66564 2019-08-11 19:31 ( Edited 2019-08-17 15:27)

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